Snow is quiet, and please try to run outside in the winter, won’t ya?!

Last night, I ran in the freshly fallen snow. It was so peaceful. It is a simple beauty to know that you are the first person to lay tracks in that pretty powder. The sounds of it crunching beneath your sneakers, the careful determination it takes to run through the snow…it’s priceless.

It occurred to me that to a passing vehicle: I must have looked like a crazy person…trudging through the snow while I carefully avoiding the cars. Then it dawned on me what I truly looked like: a runner training for Boston.

I am not a winter gal, by any stretch, but it definitely has it’s own unique beauty. If you ever venture out during the winter months, one major thing you will notice is the silence in the world. Not as many cars, no lawnmowers, hardly any kids playing in the yards. The silence can be deafening because that is all you hear. It becomes a quiet music of your own footsteps and breathing. Your senses have no choice but to be heightened. It can be beautiful to run through (a little) bit of snow.

Even during the day, light is not what it is during the summer months. Acute hearing is a necessity. I often run sans music during the winter. I would rather hear that truck approaching from a quarter mile away than my “go fast” playlist. (Btw I love my playlist)


A lot of my winter runs have to be taken down a notch in intensity. There are accomplishments, still, in the simple runs. Like the hills I eat for lunch.

20131226-234140.jpg (this is a one mile rolling hill and very tough. This is NOT a very good picture of said hill.

And the pretty landscapes that sometimes stop you in your tracks:


The point is..whatever your activity may be…even though it is motha f ing freezing outside… You still should be getting out there and running. Don’t let your treadmill have all the fun. You’re missing the natural cold beauty around you. Maybe you don’t get to be outside every day…but make it a point, once a week, to brave the elements. We are stronger runners because of what we can endure…I promise you this. Come marathon time, whether it be rain, shine, extremes in heat and cold- I will be ready. Training knows no “weather” limits.
The “limits” you place are only in your OWN head.
So break your own barriers, call off the WAAAAAMBULANCE, and get outside!

Did it snow where you are? Yesterday, We got around 2-3 inches! πŸ™‚

Have a great day, Run Free, Run Strong!


5 thoughts on “Snow is quiet, and please try to run outside in the winter, won’t ya?!

  1. Haha, I like the way you put that. I’ve run in super cold weather (and didn’t mind it terribly), but never snow. I have a major fear of falling in everyday life and ice and snow are not my friends.

    • Oh my, you sound JUST LIKE ME…. I literally am the clumsiest person ever and HAVE fallen on snow and ice before..both in everyday life AND while running…like a million times. It’s terrible! So I feel you and I TRULY understand where you’re coming from!

  2. I hate hate hate the cold but have grown to LOVE winter running. I bundle up and hit the lakes… never thought I’d enjoy it! We’ve had a few inches of snow here in Minneapolis, it’s so pretty and peaceful.

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