The Gift of a Christmas Run

I never get to run on Christmas. It is a hectic day filled with tons of fun, but somehow, running just doesn’t fit into the day.

Until yesterday.

After getting up and doing presents with my husband, stepdaughter and I, we go to my mother and father in laws house for our annual amazing breakfast and present swap. My father in law is quite the chef.
Check out his eggs Benedict below….yes, it is something that you SHOULD be jealous over. It’s that good.

I normally take Christmas morning as my day off. But Santa-Husband-Claus gave me a GARMIN I got the bright idea to run home post Christmas breakfast. My husband had to drive my stepdaughter home, so that gave me an hour and a half window to work with. The best compliment a runner can pay to the person who has given them a Running gift is to use it that second right? Right. I thought so too, glad we agree 😉.

After eating my body weight in eggs bene gold….I hit the streets. Oh and my awesome hubs gave me this vest too. Let me tell you..Brooks truly has the best running clothes. They really are a company for runners by runners. the vest kept me toasty warm and not once did I feel a chill.


All through my run, I let my mind drift back over the past year. Things i have accomplished, goals that were set, met, and the experiences I have gone through. This year, we bought our home, welcomed a new brother in law into the family, survived a terrorist attack, and celebrated our first anniversary. It was a good year.

I’m more than ready for 2014 to come and bring its New Years cheer with it. I’ve finished my list for my 14 races in 2014 and I promise I will post it soon!!

I felt inspired to run the whole time. There’s nothing like the moment when you stop thinking about the fact that you’re running. That’s when a run truly begins. But not all runs are created equal, and it is a gift when it happens to you.

(me right before I left!

My Christmas run was my gift to myself. A little piece of “me time” among the chaos of the day. And I’m so glad I took it. It just might be my new “Christmas tradition” that I have with me, myself,and I.

what did you do yesterday?

did anybody go for a run? How was it?

Anybody ask for a running present?

have a wonderful day!
Run Free, Run Strong!


2 thoughts on “The Gift of a Christmas Run

  1. I am so glad you had such a good Christmas! Yay for new running gear 🙂 I got a Garmin too ( the 10) which is yours? I also got the Brooks Pureflows from my mom. Hopefully I get out tomorrow and try the new gear! Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Ahhhh!!! I love that you told me what sneaks you got because u remember you telling me you were gonna get some for Christmas! Let me know how you like them! I now have two pairs and I love them. (I ended up finding a great deal online so I couldn’t resist a 2nd pair! )
      I got a Garmin 610. Let me know how you like the 10! I feel like having this watch is going to make me a better runner:)

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