What a WEEK

Someone must be reading the blog (and by someone, I mean Mother Nature) because LOOK at the weather for the next couple days:

It’s ridiculous just how excited I am about a 56 degree day. You would think I am going to be able to lay out and tan that’s how excited I am right now!

Yesterday when I got home from work-I finally got to run outside. The last time I was able to hop off the treadmill was last Saturday- and it was miserably cold. I literally couldn’t remember my last enjoyable out-of-doors run.

Today is already 51! Doing a little happy dance over here!! This weather is a gift- so after cleaning the house and prepping for our Christmas party tonight- I’m heading out to do my long run๐Ÿ˜
I hope everybody has an awesome Saturday! Blogging during this week has been tough- Christmas is definitely taking up the majority of my time. I’m on vacation through January 2nd, so I’m hoping to be business as usual after that!
Enjoy your weekend…eeek—four days til Christmas!!
Run free, Run strong!


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