Motivation lows, and PUSHING THROUGH it!

A combo of recently cold weather, combined with more treadmill running than usual, and a lack of light have gotten me a little down lately.

Seasonal depression? Yup, I think I have a little bit of it.

The good news is that in only TWO more days:

-Winter is “officially” starting…why am I psyched about this??
-The days start to get longer (those minutes add up, let me tell ya)
– I will be on vaca until January 2nd!
Vaca means lots of family time, and also DAYLIGHT running time! I don’t care HOW cold it is- I will be getting my butt out that door and running OUTSIDE. EVERY DAY.

As I was stuck in traffic today, I happened to glance over and see the temperature:
(yes, that DOES say 0) THERE ARE NO DEGREES TODAY!!!


So needless to say– although I’m not exactly in a running rut- I am definitely in a motivation standoff. I miss my days of being able to choose if I wanted to treadmill it or not. The Power of Choice is really not given enough credit 😉

I’m doing all of my treadmill tricks, some that I learned from others, and it’s getting me through. But it’s not the same as when I once bounded oh-so-excitedly out of bed to start my day off with a morning run while watching the sun come up.

Today, I ran on my treadmill…there were STILL no sidewalks..or much roads…and in this situation- you have to stop and say to yourself ” Hey! Being road kill is NOT cool”
Miles 1-5…awful…40 minutes total. I don’t want to run. Why is it dark out? Can I rewind to like July right now? Please???
Miles 6-7:14:43 a little pep.. But nothing to write home about.

At this point, I had to shut my kindle book off. I made myself a playlist instead:


Mile 8: 7:26
Mile 9: 6:49 (does ANYBODY else love Florence + The Machine as much as me? “Shut it down?” Awesome
Mile 10: 6:33

So, this is the moral of my story:
-I began my day unmotivated.
-I didn’t really WANT to run
But I did
And I did pretty good….10 miles? Yes, please and thank you.

Some miles were very slow…some were fast. I feel GREAT that it’s DONE. 😏

I know winter isn’t forever. I know it will fade. Maybe THAT thought alone can carry its power until spring/summer??

We shall see 🙂

Run Free, Run Strong!
The Girl Who Ran Everywhere


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