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Updated my “Upcoming races” page..I am busy working on compiling my list of my “14 races for 2014” . I got all hopped up on “marathon adrenaline” (as I like to call it 🙂 ) thanks to my new running friend Raquel! I have run this race before and it is SUCH a great training prep run for Boston. Positioned perfectly within the training schedule of the Boston training runs, The Eastern States is the perfect “last long run”.

My team also does an awesome scheduled 21 miler prep run for Boston-but I’ve actually never been to it before. Honestly, the training runs are very far away and give me a slight bit of anxiety because I DONT know where I’m going(driving-wise). I’m not a good navigator in the Boston-ish area. And, unless you are planning on picking me up-my butt ain’t going. .

But with the Eastern States- I get to park in a casino that I’ve grown up seeing my entire life. Whenever I visit Hampton Beach-I see this same big, wide parking lot. The runners get to park there and then get shuttled to the starting line.

The runner gets to enjoy SO many awesome features:
-bus transportation to the start
-Free parking
-A gorgeous scenic run through THREE states.
-Oh and btw-it’s along the coast..HOW could you say no? I knew it. You can’t!:)

Now, let me tell you just a few of the reasons WHY I paid $54 today to run 20 miles when I clearly could just head out my front door and do the very same thing:

Scheduled water stops: I never carry water with me…it annoys me. But when you rooster for a race, they have water/Gatorade along the course.

Porta potties: you never know when an”emergency” is going to strike. No need to elaborate 😉

Competition: when running outside solo, there is no competitive edge. I like some of the Competitive-ness:for example-I always pick out someone who is ahead of me, and proceed to take them down. I know. It sounds very “mean girl” but that is how I get ahead. And I especially like passing the boys. ;). Running a race helps me up the ante for myself.

And my last but CERTATINLY not least reason I want to run this race is because I once ran it at 3:49. Yes. I know. it’s awful. I have run a marathon in under that and THAT is SIX POINT TWO miles longer! Im going to best my number one competitor:ME. I aim to finish in 2:30. That’s one hour and nineteen minutes under what I last did 🙂

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