Surviving the winter treadmill blues…

Well frankly, I guess I can’t be in denial Any Longer.
It took a long, long time to admit that I suffer from a Very Serious Runners Disease:
The disease is called “Winter Treadmill Depression”


Winter is here. I know HOW Could I not be thinking it until JUST now? I’ve been dreading it. Pretending it wasn’t coming. I know..we are nine days from Christmas…
But I know it’s here “officially” because I’ve run only treadmill four out of my five runs this week…. (I die a little bit inside every time I run on it)

Call the Waaaaaambulanceee because THIS GIRL is sad. I just feel like being on a treadmill doesn’t give me a good enough workout. Incline-no incline-it doesn’t matter. It’s not as fun.

Yesterday was my long run. BTW-Saturday mornings? They are for long runs πŸ™‚
But I did it. 16 miles.
But I have some secrets…

How I survive training for winter marathons while running lots of my training runs on a treadmill:
-this was the temp when I started yesterday. I’m not kidding.

Sooo. Very. Cold.

So, I thought about and said to myself “why can’t I make my OWN rules for long runs?” I did just that.

After an entire week of being on the treadmill-I REALLY REALLY needed to be out pounding the pavement. Soo I made it easy on myself: 7 miles treadmill, 9 outside: 2 hours and 19 minutes total. I would have loooooved to have done 10 on the treadmill and 9 outside- but really- it was sooo painful being on it for just seven.

Splitting it up really worked for me. Doing 7 and knowing that I would be nice and heated by the time I hit the 13 degree weather helped-a lot. Also knowing that when I got outside it would not take me THAT long to finish helped too. Overall, I was happy with my “divided” run. My legs were slightly heavier outside, but after 4-5 miles-they got even slower due to the extreme temps. #babyitscoldoutside

My Methods of treadmill survival:
-I just want you to know that I do NOT like these books…but. It is truly the last book(s)on my kindle that I HAVENT re-read 10 times already (when I really like a book, I am a serial re-reader-I LOVE to read).
So. I’m re reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I know. so poorly written. But you know what? A Girls’ gotta do what a girls’ gotta do!!!

Music, music, music: I have a kick ass mini I home cube that my husband bought me…I BLARE IT…You can truly hear it through the entire house. I need it loud, and I need it NOW. I never listen to the same thing daily. On Friday, Greg came home to me jamming out to classical music, today, to county Christmas on pandora. #randomeclecticmusiclover

20131215-214715.jpg, I really wanted to go running outside. It was 24- nearly double yesterday’s degrees.
But …my husband convinced me to stay inside because there truly was not a lot of road available yet due to the fact that we got a foot of snow last night. So I ‘milled it. Yet again.

some other things I have done to break up treadmill runs:
Sometimes, I alternate between these mid run interruptions:
*lifting weights mid run.
*A text break.
*A Facebook break.
*A twitter break.

And…to be 100%honest-sometimes I do all of those things during only one run. It can get ugly for me during a winter run.

Other things that help me run FASTER:
-limiting my treadmill time-I give myself a CUTOFF time. This makes me kick it up a notch because I just want to get it the F *** done!!
– making a fun plan for myself following said treadmill run. Today family day. I knew I had to be READY for our special day.

-Everybody is different. What works for ME night not work for you. You might hate to read, and dislike running to music. But everyone has different things that make them tick; Motivates them to keep doing whatever it is that will help them accomplish and cross off that goal πŸ˜‰

Here is a little bit our Sunday Funday Family day πŸ™‚

(My father in law and my very favorite niece. I only have one but she RULES).

Sooo relaxed after her MIMI and her auntie(me) are playing with her hair and scratching her legs πŸ™‚

This is her telling me she wants wine….oh El. Can’t wait til you’re legal because you are SO FUNNY!!!

I am a huge crafter..I made this for my MIL a couple years ago πŸ™‚

….And we celebrated my husband’s 35 birthday! Happy bday baby!!


I Hope you ALL had an amazing Sunday πŸ™‚

What helps YOU keep running on your treadmill?

Please share it with this crazy girl to help me endure YET ANOTHER treadmill winter πŸ˜‰

Run Free, Run Strong!!!


2 thoughts on “Surviving the winter treadmill blues…

  1. The treadmill is horrible!!! It is so stinking boring!! I have been using my treadmill time to catch up on one of my favorite shows, Scandal. Now that I’m all caught up, I think I will try your break idea and do something different and then get back on the treadmill. Hopefully I will get back on the treadmill!!!

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