Four Pics…one description..

Happy Saturday Everybody!!!

In chronological order: todays temp at the start of my run.. our beautiful fire to keep us warm.. The snowstorm that is currently
Beginning, and wood to keep the fire roaring πŸ™‚

I got new pure flows in today (broke them in a 16 mile run)…my sneaker collection is getting out of control…I’m obsessed with brooks..and my fave-the fact that I have spent my Saturday ONLY in Jammie’s or running clothes #winning

Drinking hot cocoa and being silly while watching polar express. Love this silly little kid


I wanted to show you our Christmas card…aren’t the stockings adorable?… And he is the best daddy (squared) making cakepops (we ate them. They were NOT good)

Happy Saturday! I hope you’ve enjoyed every single second!! I will be back tomorrow with a mileage recap, and treadmill running insights πŸ™‚
Run FREE, run STRONG!!!
The Girl Who Ran Everywhere


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