Running: Good for your body, mind, and soul.


Happy Friday everyone!

I for one am PSYCHED that the weekend is here: This week was jam packed with stuff and i am soooo excited to hang out with some of my favorite peeps tonight 🙂 xoxoxo

Here is the latest edition of Five Fun Friday things!

I have been thinking about all the benefits that accompany the sport of running. There are literally SO MANY that I had to narrow them down for you.

These are my top five favorites!!

1.) Penny Saver: As a beginner, running is fairly cheap. I mean, sure, you can head out to your neighborhood store and buy the pair of sneakers with all the bells and whistles, that tech savvy watch that tracks your mileage and paces…but when it comes down to it: all you REALLY need is a pair of sneakers, a good sports bra, and a road to run on. The rest is just details!
2.) Cloud 9: The runners high is the best feeling. Its like being on cloud nine all day and walking on cushions of clouds. <<>> Amaze-balls.
3.) Overall Health: In addition to giving you that sweet sweet runners high… Running has been proven to lower the risks of breast cancer. It strengthens your muscles and bones. It reduces the risk of high blood pressure, fights depression, reduces effects of diabetes, lessens the effects of asthma, and makes your heart healthy. How about that?? All from pounding the pavement. It is also proven that exercise leads to a longer life. I am probably going to live until 107 because I’m so dam active.

4.) Weight Loss: Alleviation of excess body fat. Running helps keep you in shape. Helps you lose weight. Prevents weight gain (Thanksgiving through Christmas??HELLLOOOOO!!) Running keeps you trim and slim. That translates to feeling good and feeling good leads to looking good and looking good makes me wanna do a lil dance!

5.) The Daily Bene’s: The Day to Day benefits never end: Running helps you sleep better. Getting a run truly tuckers me out by the end of the day. Running in the morning has been proven to increase productivity, focus, and make fewer mistakes with their work. I definitely can attest to all of those things. I am oddly MORE awake when I run in the morning than when I don’t. God I miss the daylight!
6.) Yes, I know I said 5 but I HAD to throw this one in there! I have been thinking a lot lately about “when I feel the most beautiful” and it’s when I come home from running. Yes, I might be covered in sweat, messy, sometimes chaffed, have a red nose from the cold…but you know what? I feel beautiful. Strong. Empowered. TO me, this one is the most important benefit of running!

What are some of the benefits that you’ve found in your running?

Run Free, Run Strong!

The Girl Who Ran Everywhere 🙂


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