And I think to myself….what a wonderful world!!

I’ve mentioned before that I run Boston every year as a part of a subset team called Kids at Heart that raises money for Boston Children’s Hospital. Each member of Kids at Heart team pledges to raise $10,000 in donations. Yes, that’s right :$10,000. It’s a lot of work but with the help of my friends and family, and sponsoring from my awesome company, we hit it out of the park!!
This is my seventh year participating in the program. Each year is better than the last. For obvious reasons:
this year-Will be legenwaitforitdery.

The 2014 Boston Marathon is said to be “the greatest sporting event” of not only 2014-but of all time.
Resilience will be shown by the fans who return along the course and finish line.
By the marathon directors.
By the runners. our beautiful city of Boston.
The strength surrounding us rallies daily; the marathon will be the celebration of our survival from one year ago. We-the city, it’s people, my friends who were there, and me..we get stronger EVERYDAY.

Today was my kick off party for the 2014 Marathon team. This day fills me with hope. Renews my commitment. Reminds me of WHY I am doing exactly what I’m doing. The inspirations from today fill my heart with hope and gives me the motivation to work even harder than I am now.

I got to see some old friends like this amazing lady:

20131208-183417.jpg (she is one of my favorite people on the whole planet and the head of my team)

And this little guy, my buddy!!!!! This is Everett, my adorable patient partner. Seriously how cute is he? This is my 7th year as a member of this team, but my 5th year running for Everett. I just love him and his family. When I first met him-I could easily pick him up because he was just FIVE!! He is getting so big and handsome now!:)



Oh, and this is INCREDIBLE… Look how beautiful this is !!!!!!!!! This was my marathon kick off gift-how amazing is this??? I can’t wait to hang it up!

Both Everett and I got one 🙂



All in all -it was a wonderful day. It’s one of the things on my life that I am the most proud of: the annual commitment I make to this team .

So bring it in, 2014 Boston Marathon: I’m ready…I’m already there.

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you all about the amazing motivational speaker who seriously kicks some Ironman and Marathon BUTT!!!

Run Free, Run Strong, Run PROUD!!


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