Wednesday loves and annoyances

Over the years, I have learned that as I pile on my layers for outdoor winter&nighttime running-I have also had to shed my fears of it. It took me a while to get up the guts to run outside in the winter and not be afraid of the darkness. It’s baby steps. I have to ,still, all these years later, have to at least START my runs when it’s still light out. This helps a lot to ease the pressure I put on myself to get back home faster.

Sometimes …I still just get freaking ANNOYED by it:

Top pet peeves of running in the winter/dark:
#1: when people shine their high beams at me on a well lit street. Dude. I’m already 100% reflective..WHY are you blinding me??! I know can you already see me!!

#2: being unable to always see the big huge dogs that come out charging and growling at me (((they smell my fear))). I’m always THATMUCH more afraid at night because I don’t want to just dart right into the main roads. Other things that surprise me: people out walking, people out biking and wearing dark&unreflective clothing..are you asking to be road kill? Really. I would like to know.

#3. The way it takes me so long to get dressed. You really have to plan your winter runs out perfectly: you start by checking the current. temp. Rule of (a runners) thumb is to dress 20 degrees warmer than it is outside.
planning for a night run is complicated. You also have to plan for the 10-20 degree decrease in temps while you’re out chug-a-luggin really, planning the perfect outfit can take as much time and effort as planning your best friends surprise party. #perfection

#4: how I procrastinate when I get home. Really, I should be getting on my treadmill right now ( I got home late today and it’s very dark out) but instead I’m sitting here typing this blog. How’s that for procrastination, my friends!?! I swear, during the other three seasons-I leap to put my running clothes on! Sometimes I even procrastinate when I get home at my normal times. I don’t know why! It just feels so good to sit Down!!!

#5. Headlights. I know I said “high beams before” but headlights are a whole separate and annoying category. They get RIGHT in your eyes and you can’t look away because you have to constantly be looking at the oncomingtraffic.

But just so you don’t think I’m totally being a craze ball over here…I will tell you some things that I loved about my day:
#1: my lunch:

#2: the story I started writing today about my amazing Best friend (stay tuned)

#3: blogging. I’ve only been blogging since august but I love it. It’s like chatting about your day to a whole bunch of new friends.

#4: how many new followers I’ve gotten lately. I love hearing my “ding” noise for a new follower. I just want to get up and do the happy dance #keepthelovecomingplease πŸ™‚

#5: this ornament: my friend from work brought it for me in Monday. She just touched me so much, it made me cry.


I hope everybody is having an amazing day!

Tell me something you like/dislike about running in the dark!

Tell me something random from your day! This is a no judgement zone! πŸ™‚ keepin it real, always!

Run free, run strong!


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