I don’t always run at night, but when I do…it’s in the winter.

For a late fall/early winter day in New England-today’s weather was gorgeous. A high of 47-it was sunny, warm and NOT WINDY. lovely. I even got to see a pretty sunset on the water:

But I must confess, I prefer a gorgeous sunrise to a sunset…I am a lover of morning runs.
I love running before work. I love the sunshine, slightly brisk air in the spring/early fall, and the dewy morning of summer. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to have 10 miles DONE by 6am. ((Sigh)). Now that winter is here, it’s wayyy too dark out at 5 for me to be outside. I strongly feel that it is more dangerous for me on the road at 5am than at 4-5pm. School starts so early that it’s nearly impossible, unless I treadmill it, to run outside(for me). It breaks my heart to run 4-5 days a week inside…every time I have to pass on pounding pavement due to WEATHER-a little part of me does inside. #stopbeingadramaqueen

I came in from my 10 mile run tonight chock full of winter tips for ya’ll! It was all If it had been light out while I was running-i probably would have camped out on the shoulder of the road and started right then and there!

I think I have a little twinge of seasonal sadness. I miss the warmth of the summer. I’m NEVER upset about humidity. It’s weird but I love it. I miss shorts. And tank tops. Sweating. being tan. But most of all-I miss the light.

Now don’t think I’m trying to be Negative Nancy… I do love running in crisp air. I adore the fall with its gorgeous colors blending into the skyline. Right now, I am loving the Christmas season and spirit-seeing all the lights and decorations as I run by. (Keep up the great work!)
I just can’t get on board with the fact that I get home from school and it’s dark in 20 minutes.

Things that frighten me on winter morning runs-
-animals that are still out. It’s dark man, and quiet. Enough said.
-sleepy motorists who can’t see me and aren’t yet awake.
-umm the fact that it’s pitch black until 6:30ish in my ‘hood.

There is some good news on the horizon though, folks-In 18 days-it starts to get lighter again!! Hooray, light!!

Moving on my rant about the darkness, I want to pass on some helpful winter running tips for you…especially for “running in the darkness.”
1. Invest in some high tech reflective clothing that is also warm, or allows you to put layers underneath it.
Nothing says “hey darkness- I got this” more than this jacket:
(I wanted this coat sooo bad last year and my wonderful parents bought it for me for Christmas last year. I literally use it every day that I can during the winter!).

20131203-230516.jpg (sidebar-this coat is very hard to photograph!most pics came out like this:)20131203-230924.jpg

One of my other personal faves that I have is my Brooks nightlife jacket. Mine is a little bit older, but I’ve done the research, and this newer model one looks fantastic.

2. If running at night, Tell someone what route you will be running. Truly-nighttime? Not the best time to travel down a new road. You don’t want to wind up lost, or on some dark, unlit street and find yourself solo on said street with the exception of a white creepshow van who looks like they’re going to kidnap you, so you wind up sprinting the whole way home and collapsing on your couch in tears. This May or may not be a true story- you be the judge #lessonlearned.

3. Invest in some warm dry fit clothing. I swear, Brooks ISNT paying me, but i own like 2-3 pairs of their amazingly insulated running pants. I know there a lot more brands that will work, and every body is different so my advice to you is to head to a local sports store, try on a bunch, and if they’re too pricey-go home and shop online for good deals ๐Ÿ˜‰ or put them on your Christmas list..Santa baby..Hurry down the chimney tonight.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. check the weather before heading out the door. I cannot stress that enough. when I first started running, I never carried my phone with me. That’s great and all, veryyy peaceful… But on an unpredictable weather day, New England can really be a b*tch and throw a “surprise” storm at cha. Storms are sooo fun to run through when you had nooo idea they were coming . Without a phone, there was no way to call someone to get me. I’m not saying bring it with you all the time-but if the weather is said to be unpredictable that day-play it smart and safe.

5. Ice. You fall down-you go boom-you hurt. Like hell. Be cautious. Don’t run outside when it’s icy-Find a treadmill, or cross train. Or find a tool that will help you NOT fall. I have Yak Traxs. Actually scratch that I HAD a pair, I broke them last winter. Time for a new pair! Mine typically last me 2-3 years. The plastic and coils always manage to seperate themselves from one another because Hi, My Name is Nicole and I Break Things.
They are easy to use and slip right on your shoes. I wouldn’t recommend using them unless it is icy, or snow is on the ground. They are definitely not for everyday winter running use.


I hope these tips help you to stay safe and sound on the roads!
Anybody else a nighttime winter runner like me?
Have any tips to share? I’d love to read them!


3 thoughts on “I don’t always run at night, but when I do…it’s in the winter.

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  2. Thanks for the great running tips ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love that jacket!

    I am totally a morning runner too. If I have to wait until the evening to run I dread it all day. Awful I know. I just have sooo much more energy in the morning. Until I get a headlamp it is pretty much impossible for me to run outdoors during the week because I live in the boonies and there are no streetlights.

    ps–Glad to see you had a great Thanksgiving. I’m just catching up on posts after taking a little break over the long weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I know what you’re saying!! I feel like it just hangs over my head until I head out running… There is such a sense of accomplishment in morning runs!!
      Did you get your treadmill fixed yet? I can’t imagine having no streetlights..although, I bet it’s peaceful!! I’ve never run with a headlight but my husband wants me too…lol I just think starting out in the daylight while wearing a headlight would look amazingly funny in my head…I can’t brave it.. yet…lol
      How was your turkey day? I can’t wait to see your updates too!!:)

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