Why I DONT stress out about food over the holidays; Mileage Recap

This weekend was a whole bunch of family time. It’s not too often that I get my husband all too myself so when that happens- I try to take advantage of it. There was wayyy more food and cocktails than running. Even though my heart strings tugged when I glanced at my running shoes, I remind myself that the downtime is GOOD for me, too.

And, I have to confess to you…I broke the streak last week. As much as I LOVED streaking-it was getting a bit stressful. And since running, for me, is a stress reliever, I decided to let it go.

I live by the motto that if something in your life is stressing you out- it’s time to reevaluate the stress and find out if it is “HELPING” or “HURTING” you. And if the answer is “HURTING”, then it’s time to make some changes.

It’s not always such a simple black-or-white decision: In this situation, it was easy for me to clearly see the pros and cons:
Pros: I was running…EVERYDAY!!! YIPPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Running makes me so happy I could just do cartwheels all over the house!
Cons: I have always promised my husband that I will take TWO rest days so that we have more time to spend together. Although “Streaking” meant that I only had to do 1 mile a day-I still had to take the time to get dressed, go running, shower after, etc. It can be time consuming. I decided my “down” days would be spent more appropriately by truly RESTING and hanging with this fella:

Mileage recap for the week: 45.
Tuesday-9 easy miles
Wednesday-8 easy miles
Thursday-4 miles of sprints, 3 mile walk after turkey dinner with the family
Friday-9 miles-progression run
Saturday- 15 miles. Slow, very slow.

This week I’m going to really mix up my workouts: A little bit of speed, a progression run, maybe a day of easy running, and a day of fartlek’s. Saturday I will most likely do my long run. I’m keeping it fresh all week! 🙂

Is anybody else still as full as I am? I’m really looking forward to hitting the pavement this week. It was four days of eating whatever I want, and not running quite as much as I would’ve liked to.

I really try not to stress out about the foods I eat over the holidays. My rule is simple: If I want something-I eat it. I try not to guilt myself afterwards. If I told you that NEVER happens, well that would be a lie. It does. NO matter how secure I am in my own body, I still have moments where I look back and say “ man I wish I hadn’t eaten that.” Or maybe “I wish I hadn’t eaten as much of that”.

Your healthy life is a day to day adventure. Just because I eat “unhealthy” or “too much” one day is NOT going to make me the F word. I know that. You should know it too. It is OKAY to indulge. Of course, indulging every single day is NOT the best idea. But Aunt Linda only makes those 7 layer bars once a year-so you better enjoy them while you can.

When I look back on the holiday season of 2013-the things I will remember are the times I spent with all the people I love the most. But, the memory of the two turkey sandwiches I had on Thanksgiving night is going to fade away. Since time is precious, I’m not going to waste one single second of it obsessing on what I ate/eat.
(Example of a most excellent weekend treat: the “Old Fashioned”->I highly recommend it!)I work out to continue to stay healthy. I don’t have “cheat days” because I’m not on a diet. I am living my life, every day and if I eat too much on Saturday-it doesn’t mean I’m going to starve myself on Sunday. (Trust me-you DON’T want to be around me when I’m hungry. I’m not very nice)
When it comes to eating-I don’t need to rob Peter to pay Paul. If I lived like that than I would be a very unhappy, and unhealthy person.

Simply put: we can easily become our own worst enemy. The key to living in your own body is listening to it. That is one of my goals for the holiday season: Listening to my own self. Stop judging myself. And remembering to LIVE each day to the absolute FULLEST.

What are your goals as you move through the holiday season?
Any good runs planned for the week?
Run Free, Run Strong!


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