From First to Worst, YIKES that hurt & these lessons are good for our lives

Some days, runners will have phenomenal runs. And just as quickly, they can have a crappy run the very next day.
I will tell you this: those crappy runs, without a doubt , make me a much stronger runner.

Have you ever had a run that was sooo good that all other runs pale in comparison to it? That was my run yesterday.. A 9 mile progression run. I started off at 8:20 a mile and worked my way down to a little under 7 mph. I only had one hour to run and you better believe I was going to make it COUNT. I picked a route that was part hilly, part flat, and I know it by heart: those are always the easiest for me exert maximum energy.
Average overall pace for the 9 miles in 1:06 minutes was 7:20, 8:18 mph.

The run left me feeling sore all day but very happy with my performance…especially following a day of eating and cocktails! 🙂 Great runs make me want to do crazy celebratory dance leaps all around my house while pretending I actually KNOW how to dance!!

Today was my long run.
Woke up with my calves pretty sore. (Side note: the pure flows truly build up my calves. I like it.) Maybe-it’s not the greatest idea to do your long run on the day after you have brought your “A Game” to the table. Also, sometimes you don’t have the option of waiting a
different day to do your long run. My legs were pretty heavy-but I expected it after Fridays amazing-ness.

But…what I WAS NOT expecting is that 1 mile in-I took a major digger. (I have TOLD you before- I am the clumsiest person ever (I inherited it from my dad) It hurt. A lot. When you are me, the clumsiest mother f*kr this side of the Merrimack River-you get used to it. but it doesn’t mean I like it. It only means I easily get over the fact that I fall a LOT.

I got up like nothing ever happened (if I don’t blog/talk about it-does that mean it didn’t happen? No?)The good news is that I’m pretty sure no one saw me. Well, no one stopped at least. The bad news is that I have a giant gash on my knee:

Yes. That is dried blood running down my leg. I know. it’s gross. Currently rocking giant band aids (it’s badass) on my knee and palm.

I could have turned around and just headed back home. I knew if I continued on, I would be slower than usual, be licking my pride, and my wounds.

At this point, torn between the idea of calling it quits one mile in-or continuing on, I had to rationalize think for a split second.

Here is what I know about myself:
-I really really don’t like to quit things.
-I already had it in my head that today was “long run” day, so dammit-it was going to be long run day!
-Everybody, including me can go from First to Worst, and then Reverse.

I decided to keep going.. I can’t decide if this makes me badass…or just plain nuts.

So the lesson is this.. Everyone peaks and falls during their training. can even peak and fall during the SAME run.
If you wait for only the “great runs” to come along..then you’ll NEVER get them: because you truly have to have THE WORST runs to appreciate the BEST, isn’t that right, my friends? In life, as with running, you must learn to pick yourself up, and try again. Your next run won’t be the same as this will get better. You’re a runner…you will NEVER quit. Your resilience will guide you.

Such is life: you take the bad with the good. In two days time I went from having a first rate run to a worst. Who know what tomorrow will bring? it better not freaking bring a skinned knee to my left leg, let me tell YOU!
Silver lining:I’m ok with the fall/slower run. It teaches me to be a better runner. I have this experience of my endurance that I can apply to anything in my life. I am stronger because of it.
Total today: 15 miles
Time it took: 2 hours, 10 minutes.
Knowledge I gained: PRICELESS

Never, Ever be afraid to fall on your face because there really is a great deal to learn from it.
Run Free, Run Strong!

The Girl Who Ran Everywhere


2 thoughts on “From First to Worst, YIKES that hurt & these lessons are good for our lives

  1. So sorry to hear about your fall. You sound like me. I think it makes you a badass & maybe a little nuts but i do the same thing. So i say there’s nothing wrong with that! But awesome job on that 9 miler! I think falls like this & tough runs teach you more than the good runs. Although its hard to remember at the time. I love this post, not your fall though!

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