Turkey day recap :)

Yesterday it occurred to me during thanksgiving dinner that I had had not one but TWO family days recently and I have not whipped out my camera for any of them. Why? I love my fancy big girl camera! My husband got it for me for Christmas last year-and I think I’ve been afraid to use it ever since. I repel technology. Legit repel. Everything I touch, I break. Cameras, phones, iPods.. A computer … I’m disasterous.
All I took from yesterday was some pics with my phone. And I didn’t even remember to take any turkey dinner pics! What kind of blogger am I??
My dad kicked the day off by making us a Thanksgiving:
-homemade pear vodka
-homemade cranberry sauce purée (it was delicious)
-homemade apple juice purée
My dad is quite a guy. cooking, gardening living organic- he has mastered ALL of these things. I swear there’s not a thing out there this cool guy can’t make.


After lunch/dinner (linner?) we went for a chilly three mile walk. It really felt great to get out there and walk it out!
My mom convinced us to play a game of pool..(side note: my mom ROCKS at playing pool, and used to hustle back in the day. She says she isn’t as good as she used to be but once she was warmed up she was on fire!)


And my husband is pretty great too! 😉
My dad still has a ton of pics up from
When we were kids. For as long as I can remember, They’ve been hanging on the walls of his former dark room.
I could help but take pictures of my youth..
yes, my mom made me keep that awful haircut until I was seven. SEVEN!



this is my favorite-me and my dad!

Later on we went to my in laws for dessert and had a boat load more laughs there. I literally can’t get enough of family time lately! 🙂

I only did 4 quick miles of sprints on my treadmill-I woke up later than I wanted so my original plan had to be scratched.
Today I’m not completely sure as to WHAT I’ll run. It just might be one of those days where I let my feet and body dictate the distance. It’s sort of freeing to head out without the mileage of your run already being a fixture in your brain.

anybody going Black Friday shopping?
My husband and brother in law headed out last night-they love this crazy stuff! I’ll probably rummage some sales later on!

How was your thanksgiving?

enjoy every minute of your friends and family this weekend!
Run free, Run Strong!


2 thoughts on “Turkey day recap :)

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful thanksgiving! I’m loving the haircut though! 😉 Mine was pretty good. I had some great family time too. No black friday shopping for me this year. It gets a bit crazy for me. Did you find any sales later?

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