Why you should run local races, Things I’m thankful for, Things I’m excited about.

Yesterday I skipped a post because it was DATE NIGHT! I forced my husband to go and see Hunger Games with me.  It was SO GOOD!! I am also currently rereading the books to refresh my memory. And then I’m going to go and see it AGAIN. It was that good! This is the only pictures that I took (please excuse the darkness, I didn’t want to be a total weirdo taking pics in a movie theater!



 Things I’m thankful for today:
I am finding myself to be more and more thankful these days. Take Sunday for example: It was a really yucky day. I didn’t run well. It took me one scalding hot shower, a fluffy blanket, my warmest snuggliest sweatshirt, five hours, and a glass of wine to warm me up. But you know what? When I was running I kept thinking “If I can finish THIS run? I can truly do anything.” AND-I also kept thinking that it could be worse-it could be a FULL marathon=thank sweet baby jesus it was only a half!

Thankful thing #1. Yesterday, I got an email from the race director of the Wolf Hollow Half Marathon that I did on Sunday. He told us exactly where the proceeds from Sunday will be going :


“Thanks to you we will be presenting the Nashua YMCA Kids To Camp program with a check for approximately $7,000 this week. This will send more than a hundred needy children to summer camp for a week next summer. We will also be sending checks for more than $1,500 to several area high school cross country teams for their help as course marshals and manning the water (ice?) stops along the way.”

I’m thankful that I ran a race where the money is recycled right back into the community. That is just beautiful. It gives me that tingly, happy warm all over fuzzy feeling that I just did something good. Yay!

Thankful Thing #2. I am also SOOO thankful to have such awesome friends! You might remember that I recently washed my IPOD. (Boooo) After a week of sitting in rice, I have had to bite the bullet and realize: its just not coming back to life… My friend Melissa gave me her old IPOD shuffle. It is PERFECT! Thank you Melissa! I promise to put it to REALLY good use!! There is nothing like a good friend!:) (oh and ps-girlfriend can BAKE like a CHAMP-she came over Friday night and brought pumpkin whoopie pies…#heaven #ihadthree #andoneforbreakfast.


Things I’m excited for!
#1 Excitement: I have decided on a NEW GOAL for 2014. This goal is based on the fact that 2013 meant four races for me..This is more than I usually do-and I LOVED every minute of it. So my new goal for 2014 is to run 14 marathons and half marathons. 🙂 (side note:I really love a good play on words) wait for it: it’s 14 in ’14! #sosilly

I am having a blast picking them out. So far I’ve come up with my criteria said races have to meet:
-They have to be within 100 miles of driving distance : my husband doesn’t fly. Also, I really don’t like to take too much time away from my family. I am going to keep them as local as possible!(preferably within 50 miles or so)
-I’m going to choose as many Saturday ones as I can: My husband works on Saturday mornings until 12:30, so it is lovely when I can do a race and come back before he is even out of work! Plus-after talking with Melissa (baker extraordinaire, iPod giver, and also RUNNER) we decided this: ALL Marathons should be on Saturdays. Seriously…why Aren’t they? I just don’t get it. Nobody wants to do the sore shuffle on Monday mornings into work. Someday, when I rule change the world, marathons will be on Saturdays 😉
-I refuse to travel and stay overnight for more than 2 of the races.
unless: they are with 10-15 miles away, they must have race day number pickup. (Ok, well..Boston is the ONE exception since I have to be in the city the prior Saturday for marathon festivities)
-the only way I’ll travel for a marathon is if someone is going to pay for it for me…#girlfriendlivesonabudget!

I’ll have my list up soon of my 14 for ’14 🙂

#2 Excitement-I’m hoping some of these races I pick will take me to meet up with some new friends I’ve made from blogging like this cool chick Erin, and my new running pal Raquel!  

#3 Excitement– that I will be off from work, starting tomorrow, until Monday…. Yipppeeee!!! Hooray thanksgiving!!!

What’s the best local (to you) race you’ve ever done?
-for me-it’s the Baystate Marathon!
Local, I know the route by Heart, and it’s flat!

What’s the best New England race you’ve ever done?
Boston. Baystate. Applefest. I could keep going..I really love racing!!

Have any race suggestions for this girl??

Who’s Ready for turkey day?

Run free, run strong!
The Girl Who Ran Everywhere


10 thoughts on “Why you should run local races, Things I’m thankful for, Things I’m excited about.

    • You’re welcome and thank you!! Sorry we didn’t come on Friday-Greg ended up not feeling well and slept all day.

      Yes!!! I knew you would eventually want to do another one! Whatever you pick I would love to run it with you! 🙂

  1. I can want to see your list either! I love that, 14 in’14. I’m tempted to copy you… I live in NC But if I was closer I’d love to do one with you! I agree with you, marathons should be on Saturdays! I don’t know where the whole Sunday race day came from.

    That whoopie pie looks sooo good! What an awesome friend!

    • I know she is the best! Who doesn’t love a unique treat like THAT!:)

      NC Isn’t TOO bad of a drive…if my husband travelled I would totally come your way!

      I’ve always wanted to start my own race and make it on a Saturday-but then if I race direct I can’t run it! 😉

  2. I can’t wait to see your list! I will definitely pick at least 1 to do with you, how could I not after you said I was a “cool chick”? haha (only till you meet me and then you realize I’m a total #nerdalert) In all seriousness I will just love to see what you come up with because you are pretty local to me too.

    I love the idea of doing 14 in ’14, I may aim for 14 races in general. I know it would be too many marathons/half marathons for me (and hubby would kill me for spending all the $$ on races!)

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving & enjoy your mini vaca from work! 🙂

    • Erin I am ALSO a member of the nerdAlert, don’t you worry my dear 🙂
      I know I worry about the $ too! But I’m hoping to plan enough in advance to offer either a review in exchange for a free entry OR I book enough in advance that they’re really cheap?!? Lol we shall see!!! Xoxo hope your family turkey day rocked!!

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