Getting my ZAZZLE Back

About a week after my last marathon (October 20th) somehow I lost my “Zazzle” .
Oh you don’t what that word means?
Zazzle is a word. I made it up. (sometimes I like to make up my own words. Just go with it)

Definition of Zazzle:


A Runner’s Life without their Zazzle isn’t great. You are in a rut. Running isn’t fun. Instead, feels more like a chore. A really, boring, exhausting chore. Whilst you once performed a happy dance as you laced up your shoes, you are sadly now beginning to force yourself to tie them on. The ability to Zazzle feels like it has left you, and you’re sad.

You might feel like you are distanced from your happy place, formerly known as running. For me: I would drag my butt around until I FINALLY put on the shoes, and I slogged through my miles. There was literally no pep in this girls step, and instead of flying by: the miles drug on and on. Usually I will feel the need to hit some serious speed, or challenge a beast of a hill. But when you lose your zazzle-you don’t feel like doing any of those things.

It is my very own catch 22. I love to run-I love how I feel when I’m done. I love logging the miles. My mood is improved, even on days when I don’t want to run.. But when I lose my Zazzle, I hate to run, and I’m moody because I simply don’t want to run, yet I will do it because I know that deep down-I love to run, and because I’m a lot more fun to be around when I’ve gotten my run in. This is how you know you are a true blue runner-even though your RUNNINGLOVE is surrounded by negativity- you do it anyway. This is also how you know your zazzle WILL come back to you someday- because you’re a RUNNER ..and we all know …

runners don’t QUIT, and QUITTERS don’t run!

I’m not really sure just one element goes into the loss of my zazzle-ness. I do know that I did a lot of weight lifting, couch sitting, and pouting while trying to wait this period out. Its been over a month now, and I’ve been patient….

I would like to report that it is FINALLY BACK. If you ask me WHY it came back…I would tell you this:
-Maybe its my LOVE for my new shoes. They are quite a pick me up!

-Maybe it’s the refocus of setting new goals: Having something to work TOWARDS always helps encourage me to be a better runner.

-Maybe, just maybe, all I needed was time.. Time to recover from the marathon I did. Time to rest. Time to cross train. Time to just relax and enjoy my accomplishments.

Have you ever lost your Zazzle? How’d you get it back?

Anybody doing a Turkey Trot?
I’ve never done one before, I like getting up and going for a run around my neighborhood

Are you cooking for Thanksgiving?
NO! we’ve never hosted but I do have to make a side dish!

I hope you all run with ZAZZLE today and tomorrow!
Run Free, Run Strong, RUN WITH ZAZZLE!
The Girl Who Ran Everywhere


2 thoughts on “Getting my ZAZZLE Back

  1. I’ve last my zazzle before. I’m just getting it back actually. I was starting to get worried it wasnt coming back which was silly. Many new shoes and signing up for a race helped. I know I just got burnt out so it took time to get it back. Congratulations on getting yours back! Its a good feeling, isn’t it!

    I didn’t do a turkey trot this year. But I enjoyed my turkey like I did! 😉

    I went to my aunt’s & I did get talked into helping to cook. What side dish did you make?

    Happy thanksgiving, Nicole!

    • Yay! So happy for you!:) it’s tough to lose it, and you rock for getting it back!!

      I bet your turkey was great! I have never cooked one before so I don’t know how it would come out! I ended up making twice baked potatoes and they were a hit!! 🙂 happy thanksgiving to you too!:)

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