Life is good.

And I couldn’t be any more thankful for that. As the year draws to a close, I can’t help but think of all the wonderful things that came from 2013 and it makes me that much more excited for 2014!

In 2013, I am thankful for ….
The celebrations of life’s great moments…


My little sister got married in July to the love of her life. It was a beautiful day on top of a field in Vermont. It was breathtaking.

I am thankful for….
Celebrations with old friends …

Thankful all our friends were there to celebrate one of life’s milestones…happy birthday, Joelynn and Meghan!

I am thankful for a sister in law who is my true blue sister. She’s always supportive and there for me…she is the best, and I don’t where I’d be without this girl…

I’m thankful my friends are so fun..and no matter how old we get, we still can rock it like nobody’s business…

And I’m MOST Thankful for this man….he is my favorite thing:)

This year we celebrated our first anniversary! The first of many to come πŸ™‚

And one of our little family πŸ™‚


So bring on 2014, I’m ready!:)


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