Working out on a BUDGET!

I think I’ve mentioned before that I teach a Financial Education class to high school Juniors and Seniors. One of my main objectives is teaching how to set yourself up on a budget. Since I like to practice what I preach, I am always sticking to a budget, so NOT spending a ton of money on my various workout activities is music to my workout lover ears 🙂

Being a runner, although a basic and instinctual sport, can get expensive if you let yourself get out of control.
There is NO excuse for you not to workout after you read these tips!
Below are some different guidelines that I follow that help me to save money!

-Don’t Buy Big Brand names for your Workout Clothes
I have decided that I could really break the bank on workout clothes. I have to restrain myself when I walk in Dick’s Sporting Goods. Have you SEEN their selection?? It is superb. It would be incredibly easy to max out a credit card there. Holy brand name selection!
I am more of a “sales rack” kind of gal. I would love to buy the fancy schmancy stuff, but until I hit it big-that just ain’t happenin. I frequent Marshall’s, TJ Max, and even Target for a lot of my workout gear. On Sunday, I bought two sports bra’s from Target. One was clearance, and the other, deeply…$14. #winning
Budget Bonus Tip: Can’t Resist a certain item? Wait for it to go on clearance. I buy most of my big brand name shorts at the end of fall-this way I get at least 50% off for all my stuff. Same goes for my winter gear. You may not need it right now-but my motto is that I’ll ALWAYS be a runner-so why not buy now, and save later?
-Make a pact with a friend to workout
A workout buddy is fun and free! I wish I had a running friend! (cue the sad violins playing just for me!) Setting up a workout date holds you accountable(you don’t want to cancel on them, do you?) gets you excited to workout, and its just plain old fun to hang out with a friend and get a your sweat on-kill two birds with one stone!
-Surf the Web for the best deal
If you have a favorite pair of sneaker, Google it before buying from your favorite store. I like to shop small and local for my sneaks, but sometimes, its just not in the cards. I’ve found my beloved $110 Brooks Ghost on sale before at $55.00. If I can find a great deal-sometimes I’ll buy TWO pairs. Companies only make ONE model for so long-I like to stock up so I have extra’s.
Budget Bonus Tip: After I find the best deal, I do another separate search for coupon codes from that store.
-Workout VideosI quit my gym membership back in March. This is embarrassing to admit…But I had only gone ONCE….in 18 months. It took one of my best friends to do the math for me on HOW MUCH money I wasted before it really sank in. YIKES.
So, no more gym membership, yet, I lift weights twice a week–> I have a variety of weights ranging from 5 lbs to 20 lbs. These are perfect for me. I have a huge collection ranging from P90x, Beach Body, George St Pierre, Insanity, The Firm…You name it, I probably have it. I love doing new and different videos. My husband says that I do some of them so much-that I should just do the moves on my own- but I LIKE having someone boss me around!
Budget Bonus tip: Buy used dvd’s from Craig’s list…Or even: borrow a friend’s and burn them so you have your own!

-Utilize the free apps on your phone!
I take advantage of a ton of free stuff- I track my calories with My Fitness Pal. I always use my RunKeeper to track/log my mileage process. There is a plethora of free apps for you to use: I just did a search on my phone under “fitness apps” -2199 results (and counting!) Runtastic, Abs Trainer, Workout trainer, Fitness Buddy. There are a TON. BY using your phone, you can literally take your workout anywhere.
Budget Bonus Tip: For more on the greatest fitness apps for 2013, you can look here! 18507048438250583_AFxmdb7K_c_thumb
Avoid the trends!
I have fallen victim to fitness trends…There have been (don’t laugh TOO hard) Jazzercise classes, Body Bootcamp, Bikram Yoga..I have tried them all. Don’t get me wrong-They WORK…Its just that they can get costly. Eventually, the costs will add up. Then there is juice cleanses, Atkins, South Beach…honestly I could rattle on forever on the fads that have come and gone.
Budget Bonus Tip-If you simply can’t resist trying out the latest and greatest: search the groupon deals. Often-You can register with a friend and save some serious dough!

-Sign up for a race

Although there IS a cost for a local race-if you sign up in advance, this is how you avoid larger fees. By registering ahead of time, you’ll get the absolute best deal. PLUS-by registering ahead-you will psych yourself for what’s to come. And there is NOTHING like the power of motivation to get you going!
Budget Bonus Tip: Search for local races in your area here 🙂

I hope you all enjoy my tips…have any money saving tips of your own?
I’d love to hear them!

Run Free, Run Strong!
Nicole 🙂



4 thoughts on “Working out on a BUDGET!

  1. I love reading about running. Blogs are free! But I also read most of the books in our public library. If you find one you really like then you can always buy it online.

  2. Honestly the main thing that got me into running was saving money from NOT paying for my yoga studio anymore. It’s the most amazing workout, and it only costs how ever much you choose to pay for trainers. Totally worth it…and as for yoga now, hello youtube!

    • That’s great! I love the fact that you can do yoga and other workouts just by looking at YouTube.. It really gets SO costly to continue to pay for classes. One month of Bikram yoga once cost me 120! Yikes!

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