Why I love to race: the starting line magic

The finish line of any half or full marathon I’ve ever been in is incredible. With its celebratory foil wrap blankets and proud volunteers happily placing your medal round your neck, how could you not love the finish line? A glass of Gatorade in hand, a new PR happily set, and a congratulatory hug from a friend: these are all wonderful reasons to race.

But there is such little talk of the Starting line magic….

Every marathon course is special. On race morning, the millions of footfalls treading the roads of local terrain can be heard: each runner unique, yet bound together by the same purpose: to complete their race.

Nervous bodies prepare: stretch out, eat their snacks, take their moments in stride. These moments are the most nerve wracking moments in my life: “WHY AM I DOING THIS?” Circles round and my anxiety riddled brain. You can literally feel the angst among the runners: their bodies humming with nervous twitchy energy. They are antsy to GET GOING!

The runner reflects back on his or her training. Takes the weather, and their current state of body and mind into consideration. Forces their brain around their present issues at hand. “My stomach hurts” , “I don’t know if trained properly” crowds their minds.

All Runners have overcome obstacles to get to this point. Whether it was overcoming an injury, battling an illness, recovering from an addiction, learning to run, training harder than ever-Every runner standing at that starting line has their own story to tell of their journey: The starting line is the culmination of their training!

It’s our PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

You might think I’m nuts for calling the STARTING LINE the PARTY and not the Finish line-But…This is my celebration.

My moment in time-Before anything hits- may it be injuries or stomach pains-This fleeting beautiful twinkling moment is my party…

It’s way I revel in my hard work:

The moment is for ME.

I love this moment where my own personal greatness hangs on a precipice: I am letting myself fall head first towards my journey to the finish line. And I know that ANYTHING can happen in between now and then.

The gun fires, and the moment is here! At last! Months and miles of training is put to the test.

THIS moment in time-This is why I love to race.

Who’s racing this weekend?
Tell me all about it!

Get out there and run this weekend!!!
Run free, run strong!
Nicole…aka..the Girl Who Ran Everywhere


9 thoughts on “Why I love to race: the starting line magic

  1. I’ve got a half on Sunday, wasn’t too excited about it due to the cold. But after this post I’m a little more pumped up! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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