Random musings of my Tuesday life:zazzle, Brussels and turkey day

Happy Tuesday!
Tuesday has always, traditionally, been my least favorite day of the week.. Monday is a universally despised day-but the cool thing is that we are all in that together. Wednesday is hump day and you can never go wrong with THE CAMEL.

By Thursday, I have some serious swagger going on because the weekend is THISCLOSE to being here… But Tuesday? Is just… Boring old Tuesday.

These are my current musings:
-I adore Brussels sprouts... To the point where I wish they came in bulk. But then I’d have to change the name of this blog to “the girl who ate Brussel sprouts” and it just doesn’t have the same ring to it, don’t you agree?
Whenever I tell someone how much I love them, they make a weird face: trust me-sautéed with a lil bit of olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper- and you’ve got yourself some seriously good sprouts. Last night-I made them this way:

You can find the recipe on my FAVORITE food bloggers website. I probably hop over to this gals page two times a day. Her recipes are truly easy, healthy and above all-insanely delicious.

-speaking of awesome food-I decided what I’m making for my Last Supper on Saturday night- check THIS out:

20131119-034648.jpg out.
I need this in my life.. Stat.

-I’m really trying to stick to running in the mornings. I just feel so amazing ALL day long when I do. this morning, I woke up at 2am, and couldn’t fall back to sleep. My running alarm goes off at 5. Guess what time I fell back to sleep? No really, take a guess. If your guess is 4:45 then I’d love to shake your hand, friend! Needless to say, sleep-0, insomnia-1, changing back to morning running-0. I’m really not doing well with switching my runs back … But it’s really crazy hard to leave your comfy warm bed to brave the frost bitten, dark (soon to be) frozen tundra outside…..

-there are 9 days til thanksgiving! My husband and I rotate where we have turkey day-this year it’s with my parents… They live super far away so it’s going to be difficult to get there. We have to leave really early to get there. It takes about 40…….
Got you! They live across the street! I can’t wait because my dad is An AMAZING healthy chef, and it will be an absolute blast. Plus-my dad told me he already has a special turkey day cocktail in mind. Now I KNOW I must be My Father’s Daughter since I LOVE themed cocktails! It’s the little things in life!:)

-and then there’s this: I’m really hoping my half marathon goes awesome on Sunday. I have been lacking my usual “zazzle” while running- so I’m a little afraid. Plus, since the drowning of my iPod… I’m a bit down. No “pick me up” playlists to listen to, and it bums me out. I also blame my lack of excitement on the approaching darkness- I’m just not used to it!
Luckily , I HAVE to be done rather quickly. Because it’s family day with parents, sister and BIL afterwards! Hooray!!

-anybody Black Friday shopping?
Heard of any good deals yet?
-where do you spend thanksgiving?

I hope you all have an amazing(haha, sorry, I know, oxymoron) Tuesday!
I will hopefully get back my Zazzle while running today!

Run free, run strong!


2 thoughts on “Random musings of my Tuesday life:zazzle, Brussels and turkey day

  1. I LOVE Brussels sprouts too! Roasted, shredded, whatever. Some of the best I’ve had recently were roasted to almost caramelized, with bacon (bacon!). My DH will make them on the charcoal grill (cut up and wrap in foil) which is also quite good – they get squishy and turn a little purple inside and get sort of sweet. Much depends on the size, age and deep greenness tho. Today I took a “micro in bag” huge set from costco, just nuked for 4 min & when they came out, they were such pretty green, I couldn’t resist eating them. (they were big enough i could also peel off the leaves – roast those & make Brussels chips) Later I yanked them out of the fridge as they were cooling to snag a few more and thought “I’ve turned into my mother!” for whom cold Brussels were ok finger food. Then I thought, well, put them on toothpicks, whole or half, with some mustardy dipping sauce or a collection of them and they could almost be appetizers…especially if wrapped in bacon. 😉

    Sending you some Zazzle for your half – I just did a 12k w/o music, which usually I use in any race, and I think focusing on the run and my form helped me do better – and it wasn’t as “bad” as I thought to be without music. I listened to folks chat but it was much more quiet. Maybe think about someone special each mile, dedicate it to them, think up ways to amuse yourself.

    We’re traveling to my DH’s parents (8+ hr in the car each way….), staying in a hotel. My dad’s in assisted living and it’s not feasible to spend the holiday with him. Enjoy your family holiday!

    • Wow! All of those ways sound So good!! And I’ve never even heard of Brussel chips, WOW, I WANT SOME!! Yum! I love that there are others who love them as much as me!! Haha!!

      8 hours is a long drive! Have a safe and fun thanksgiving, sorry about your dad 😦 that’s tough. I hope you get to see him and enjoy time with your family!

      Thank you for the zazzle! 🙂 yay! And that’s a great tip- I will have to work on dedicating my miles! I hopefully will be able to take that dedication and use it improve! You rock!
      Enjoy next week!

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