Weekend/mileage recap, things I don’t like, coolest thing EVER, and HOW THE HECK did THAT happen??

What a lovely weekend. We had no solid plans- and it was lovely. Starting next weekend:it,will be GO TIME from turkey day-NYE. So. This weekend: I give thanks to the fact that we didn’t have time constraints, or things to get done:)! It was just us, spending time with family.

Yesterday morning I got up and scoured the web for winter half marathons..I discovered a few interesting things:
-there are am extremely shockingly low number of winter half/full marathons in New England.
-Interestingly enough-the (separate) half and full marathon I was looking for- are on the SAME DAY. YES. #fail.
The next one..is the funniest/most interesting:

-upon my search: I discovered that the Wolf Hollow half Marathon..is next week..I remembered that I registered for it, but it was wayyy back in October …and now..it’s next weekend?!? umm..


Yes, time flew right on by!!!
Good news is I’m ready and excited for it! I’m going to look back at all the things I did the week before my last half marathon, and copy them. If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!!

I’m not ready for winter. It’s dark…always..it’s cold…it’s “snowy” …I’m just not ready. But I have to ask myself this question: am I EVER ready for winter??? The good news (oxymoron, anyone?) is that last week, I witnessed some incredibly breathtaking sunsets. These are 100% unedited:


The weather over the week fluctuated between 40 degree days with winds that cut through your bones and felt like 10 degrees out, and an absolutely amazing couple of sunny days with temps of near 60. Amazing.
My mileage for the week: 53 miles. Lower than I would’ve liked..but I am slowly rebuilding my miles since Baystate.
Starting the first week in December- I’m back into solid mileage training for Hyannis Marathon/ Boston. That means Yasso’s, track workouts, long runs..the name of the game is TRAIN!! 🙂

These will be my BEST marathons…I know it:) my paces are set to be sub 3:30’s….possibly a 3:23.. I’m aiming for faster..and I’m going to do it.
A little positivity goes a long, long way. Especially over the next few months I’m going to be facing #winter #newengland #snow

And this time: my target goal is going to happen.

This weekend I made the most incredible homemade chicken soup…100% amazing and homemade. Yummmmmmmmm
I couldn’t even get over how yummy it is…

It was So great that I made two kinds of pasta for it…and of Course, I had to break out the ritz and homemade bread 🙂



And then there is this:

Yes. This is a box of rice. Why am I showing you this box of rice? Well.
Because I washed my iPod yesterday. In the washing machine. Wash, spin, remove. Awesome. So here it lies, for at least a week… Hoping to come back to life to give listening pleasure to my ever so ready ears.
Me and iPods don’t get along so well.
-iPod #1:rain on it while i was out running.
-iPod #2: dropped and broke it
-3&4: stolen. From my house 😦 😦
-5.. Is now in rice.
I don’t know that a sixth one.. Can survive…
for real. (But i stand firm in saying that 3&4 weren’t my fault!!)
Sooo lets all hope that I don’t have to fork over another $150
For yet ANOTHER iPod.

But I leave you with this last super cool thing: today-on Twitter- Bart Yasso followed me. How COOL is that?!? If you don’t know who that is-you need to google him. He is super amazing, and inspirational, and one of my running Hero’s!!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend,
Have a great start to your week!!
Run free, run strong!


2 thoughts on “Weekend/mileage recap, things I don’t like, coolest thing EVER, and HOW THE HECK did THAT happen??

    • Omg… I feel the same way… I told my husband “guess who followed me today-Bart Yasso!!!”..- and I got a blank look back and a “who?!” But I don’t care. We are celebrities!!!!!

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