Four words you will never, ever hear me say:


“I think I’m fat”


That just happened.

You will never hear me say it. And do you know why? Let me tell you-it’s not because I think I’m so perfect or anything like that- it’s because I want to be the person who promotes a healthy body image. I will never call myself the f word … Even if I THINK it. I don’t want to put that out in the universe, man! There is already way too much negative juju out there!!

I’m not saying I think I’m fat or, nor am I saying I’m too skinny. I have my bad days-everybody does, nobody is “on” 100% of the time. (Hello…pms?!)
I have my weight battles and fluctuations- you just won’t hear me say anything about it.It’s not That I don’t think it’s not your business-it’s that I don’t want to project the negative image that goes along with it.

In our society where body image is so promoted and obsessed over-I have always tried to be healthy. Project healthy living. Be healthy. Eat right. Exercise. Isn’t that what everybody wants? I make my choices based on my lifestyle… Not by my scale.

Someday when I have kids- I don’t want be the mom who denies herself certain foods and impresses that behavior on my children. I don’t want my little girl to see my frowning face as I stare into the mirror and say “does my butt look big in these jeans?” No way Jose.

I actually judge myself in pictures way, way worse than Anyone else could even have time to. My legs look big. My face is fat… Bla bla bla. But isn’t it incredible how we can see, always, the worst in ourselves?
Yet, without a doubt- in our friends and family-we only see the best?
We are more than what we weigh.
And really..the number is irrelevant…we are our OWN worst critics
In one friend- I see her long legs, her beautiful smile..she sees weight she didn’t lose from her kids. In another, I see a beautiful woman, perfect in every way…but she sees her butt is too large..

are you getting my my point?

We are our own worst enemies. And… We are our own harshest judges. No matter how much we “dislike” the way we look…in the grand scheme of life-our own insecurities :
Do. Not.Matter.
someone will Always see you as more beautiful than you see yourself.

Weight is a feeling- a state of mind. It so NOT a number on the scale.

If something happened to you..tomorrow…do you think your family and friends are thinking about your weight? Do you think your husband loves you less because your thighs “are bigger than yesterday”?

Let me ask you you hate the way you look so intensely that you don’t want a single picture of you with your children from birth -7 when you finally lose the weight you’ve been trying to for the past 7 years? Do you think that, someday, your,kids won’t want to see what mom looked like like when you met their dad? Believe me…they will.

Right now-I only have my 7 year old stepdaughter-but you better believe that I know 100% that I need to keep myself healthy, and view myself healthy..for her benefit..
When she is all grown up-she needs to be able to reflect back on the things that her stepmother did with her. That Mom Nicole took her out for froyo-and then we went for a hike. And how we went to chunkys for lunch and a movie…and a nice walk after. I want my beautiful girl to reflect back on how we we moved. That’s my legacy:
That we LIVED
She will one day look back at her healthy, active childhood and be able to use it in her own life. She hopefully, will not fear food, but embrace it in a healthy way.

So that is why you’ll never hear me say “I think I’m fat” πŸ™‚ because I know..
I Am…
you are…
much more than our weight.
We are not defined by that number. The only one who defines YOU is….YOU!!!)

We are mothers.
We are daughters.
Wives.Sisters. Friends….

We are SO much more than the number on the scale. Whether that number is 110-140-180-220…you are more than your “number”. It doesn’t define who you are.
And it’s time you knew it too.

Run free…run strong…
And live healthy.



4 thoughts on “Four words you will never, ever hear me say:

  1. I absolutely love this post! I only recently discovered your blog and, honestly, I have found every post so inspiring. Your zest for life and joyful attitude fill every page and it’s really infectious!

    Keep it up! πŸ™‚

  2. I LOVE this Nicole! As a mom of two little girls I also feel it is so important for me to portray healthy living. I also will never say anything about being fat or criticizing my looks. I try to teach them the importance of exercise in order to be HEALTHY. Not to look a certain way. I tell them we need to eat good foods so we will feel good, not so we won’t get fat. My 4 year old will always show me how “big” her belly is after she has eaten and I’m always sure to say “wow look at that healthy belly!”. I love your attitude about this. Your stepdaughter is lucky to have such a positive role model πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Erin, your girls are sure lucky to have you as a mom! It makes me so sad when I hear a mom saying negative things about herself and their child is overhearing it. It’s awful! I had no concept of “what skinny was” when I was a little kid- but kids today are under SO much pressure. It’s really sad. We need to change it!

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