The Rundemic (I’m coining this)sweeping the nation..


It’s Sweeping The Nation! Taking Over The World!

Does anybody else besides me see a growing trend in the number of runners you know? Or races being organized? And even more than just “races” it’s the growing number of the REALLY COOL races-like the color runs, mud runs & laser runs, warrior dashes, Ragnar’s, Reach the Beach, haunted runs, jingle bell runs through the snow… Really, I could go on and on because there are THAT many different styles of competitive running events now a days. Also, you can see the growing number in family involvement in the sport of running: parents are introducing their kids to running early on, and a lot of races are including “kids runs” with the other more traditional races. This to me is so cool. (You bet my future kids are going to be runners!)

Running is the most basic sport there is. Actually, I take that back. It isn’t a sport. It’s an inner sense that our bodies have.. We are born with the ability to run: Fight or Flight : The fight-or-flight response (also called the fight-or-flight-or-freeze response, hyper arousal, or the acute stress response) is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival (wikipedia) Example: A typical example of the stress response is a grazing zebra. If the zebra sees a lion closing in for the kill, the stress response is activated. The escape requires intense muscular effort, supported by all of the body’s systems.(source: wikipedia) “Running” is the body’s natural response to moving quickly. It’s our animal instinct.

People have so many different reasons WHY they run. I’ve probably done about 16 individual posts on all of my reasons. Lately, fitness and healthy lifestyles are the focus everywhere you look:in our schools, our classrooms, on our magazine covers. And it’s a good thing. This energy of the force to live your life healthy is part of the increase in running sales, I just know it.

Running sales? You have to pay? Isn’t running free?
Although running IS indeed the most basic of our instincts..there is a flip side to this: that basic instinct? It ain’t cheap! Nowadays-There sure is a big business to be had in running.From the most basic gear like sneakers to the new super cool GPS watches, the sport of running has really come along way. NO longer do runner run in cotton t shirts and your drugstore sneakers…caving into the Rundemic means we runners are swept up into the expensive world of Nike, Garmin, Adidas, Brooks, lulu lemon…etc 🙂 We seek out the latest and greatest dry fit technology and we flock to our local running stores to covet the sleekest models of our favorite kicks. And it’s not just shoes you can spend the big bucks on.. It’s…
-Clothes for Cold weather
-Safe running clothes for running in the dark
-Clothes for rainy days
-Clothes for Hot weather
-and clothes for all the days that are just perfection:) (cue Joe Nichols, “sunny and 75”)
-Race entries-I have paid anywhere from $45-$325 for a Race entry free. It sucks away your paycheck – but…here is the CRAZY PART …

we like it that way.
The Rundemic can be expensive…
I thought it would be eye opening interesting to add up all the money I’ve spent over the past season(now this is ONLY falls expenses)
-Pureflow 2 Running shoes: $70
-2 Roxy Running shirts: $75
-Applefest Half Marathon entry: $55
-Baystate Marathon Entry: $70
-Wolf Hollow Half Entry: $55
(And god only knows what I’ve spent in Swedish fish, candy, and Gatorade, haha)
I’m almost afraid to use the calculator right now. GRAND TOTAL:$325!! And the thing is…I totally am holding back on registering for more races right now cause I know I’ve spent a lot, AND that big huge money sucker also known as Christmas is coming up!!!!!

“ have to PAY to race?”
A non-runner often asks me this question. They are shocked and even appalled that we would consider forking over our hard earned dough (sidebar story: my BIL just found out this summer that I have to pay to run the Boston marathon. He honestly thought it was free. Oh, you non runners…you’re just so cute!) We pay for our own glory. Because we want to reach goals. We pay for the free t shirt.. (haha). We pay to see our names forever immortalized on (don’t even tell me you don’t adore seeing your name on the website. You know you do.)

I think we all love to race..are you with me?I love to race. I love the feeling of finishing, adding another race to my blog 🙂 . And don’t even get me started on how much I love to hit a new PR. I could write songs and poems and limericks about it. Or doodle my initials and times on a piece of paper…

This is why I don’t take that marathon number and race medal off when I go out to eat after a marathon. It’s not for my own personal validation; it’s not a cry to “look at me”. Yes, I do like it if you ask me if I ran The __________ Marathon today. OF COURSE I do. But if you don’t ask-that’s okay too. I don my race gear with pride because chances are-I just PR’d and I’m PROUD of myself. (Or, maybe I DIDN’T do so well-yet I had the HEART to keep going and I FINISHED the race.) I love to race and if you’re reading this post…I bet you do too 🙂

I love the Rundemic sweeping the nation.
I love:
-when people tell me they are beginning running, and have been inspired to do so.
– I love when I hear someone is doing their first race. Whether it’s a 5k, fun run, 10k, half or full marathon…it ROCKS.
-I love hearing that my friends are signing up their kids yo do races with them.
– I love being asked running tips and advice…it is so awesome to give both
-I love hearing running stories

So keep up the good work, runners! And for all of you teetering on the edge of the Rundemic- come over to the dark side..we’re a great bunch, I promise 🙂
Have a great, great Saturday…. Today I’m doing my long run, hopefully 17-18 miles!
Day 6 of STREAKING(without today’s numbers-30.5 miles:)

The Girl Who Ran Everywhere


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