Forget the magic slippers-I wear running shoes…

I’m in love! I’m In love!
The shoes arrived today!!!
I checked the delivery status about 5 (ok, probably 10 times today) and rushed home as fast as possible to run in them!

Let me just say that Cinderella sure knew what she was doing by putting on those fabulous shoes…but I’m also sure she wishes they were running shoes!

First thing I did when I got home was immediately examine them

And this…

And I tried to take a better picture-so I turned on the flash and was immediately WOWED by the way they reflect in the light:


I’ve been eye balling these shoes since
August- I flat refused to pay $100 for
Them-I even questioned if I should buy them at $70…but:


I put them on and my first word was “WHOA”… It was cushioned clouds meets temperpedic pillows meets shoelaces. Amazing. I can’t even get over the awesomeness!!!

My favorite part of my work day is when I come home and shuck my shoes. I used to loooove high heels…now I am on my feet all day and sometimes my feet just kill. I love putting on my running sneakers and feeling how “taken care of” my feet feel. It’s just awesome.
The Pureflow 2’s are lighter than my Ghost 5’s- but oddly-seem even more cushioned on the heels. It’s like magic… For your feet.

I did 9 miles tonight, which I was dreading since it’s SO cold out. I ran on pavement the whole time. the shoes were very flexible and allowed my feet to easily run the roads while feeling a cushion underneath-I did not feel the hard surface below. It felt a little like running with springs underneath my heels-they are THAT great.

When I was done my fridgidly cold run, I plopped my self down and did this:

My awesome husband knows how much I despise the cold, so he started a fire in our fireplace for me. what a guy! Lucky lady right here!!
I can’t wait to get home and run in them again!
Day 3 of streak-23 miles 🙂
Decision of the day: whether or not I should sign up for a jingle bell half? As of yesterday, they were 90% full – I kind of have to decide today! I just wish it was FREE and I wish I lived somewhere like Miami so snow showers wasn’t going to a thing on my mind!!
Anybody run a jingle bell half before?
Anybody run in the pure flow 2’s before?

Have a wonderful day,
Run Free, Run Strong!


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