It’s Friday! It’s the “Current” addition

HAPPY FRIDAY everybody!!!!

I’m giddy with excitement that it’s a long weekend!

I’m inspired by this blog post by Chocolate Covered Race Medals she is fun to read and her posts always make me smile! You should totally check her out.

Today’s topic: “Current”

Current Book:
I have a new book to read but haven’t started it! “Women’s Running” from Runner’s World. This book is gonna rock my world. I just have to have time to start it.

Current Playlist:
I never stick to one playlist on my ipod. I’m more of a day-to-day decision maker with my tunes…But my first true love will always be Eric Church. Anything that man sings makes me super duper happy. My absolute Fave CHURCH songs:
– These Boots
-2 Pink Lines
-My Chevy Van
-Keep On
-Smoke a Little Smoke
And my ABSOLUTE Obsession…

Anything by Eric, I love. I like to say “I loved him before he was big” because its true. I did.

taken by a friend at Eric this summer..her seats were better than mine!

Current Guilty Pleasure:
Sigh….thank god Halloween is over. I ate wayyyyy too much candy corn and I couldn’t BE more glad it was gone. I couldn’t even walk past it in stores without needing to buy it.
Oh, and chicken pot pie.. Man I love that stuff.. My husband made his own version this week, it. Was. Amazing ..I had five servings. No I’m not making that up.


Current Nail Polish:
I never paint my nails. Ever. It annoys me to have paint on them. My friends actually had to talk me into getting my nails/toes done for my wedding – and they were chipped the same day…#sometimesimnotgirly

Current Drink:
I have been experimenting with Fall cocktails for Thanksgiving…and I can’t help it, I’ve gone over the deep end with Fall this year…
I found this recipe Here, and changed it up a little bit.. I love apple cider, and typically mix it with nearly every alcohol out there for fun fall cocktails!

The Apple Cider Cocktail:
-2 Part Apple Cider
-2 Part Pinnacle Caramel Apple Vodka
-1/2 parts Rumchata
-garnish cinnamon and sugar rimmer

Some people really like creamy drinks but I’m really not a fan of them. If you do- you can equal the rumchata to the cider/vodka. I halved the rumchata, and doubled the Caramel Apple and Apple Cider. I have also thought of substituting rumchata with captain Morgans…it sounds good!!

I also have substituted the Caramel Apple for Pumpkin and its awesome. The pic below is a pumpkin pie mix…it was yummy.

Current Favorite Show:
-For a comedy-HIMYM. And the fact that the show is ending makes me love it even MORE. Even though I will miss it-I love that we finally KNOW WHO THE MOTHER IS.. Its been driving me crazy for a long time. For a drama…Nashville. Amazing. Between the love stories and the beautiful songs-it keeps me coming back for more every week!! Plus, can I get a yeehaw for Deacon?!??

Current Wish List:
This Garmin 620 or the 220 watch. Want. Want. Want. I will accept donations, in case you’re wondering 🙂 The only reason I want the 620 is because it has a “Race predictor” feature…Not that I can’t do the math in my head. I can. But have you ever tried to do the math in your head when you hit the halfway point during a marathon to try to predict your finishing time while you are still trying to bust your butt to the finish line and you are trying to figure out if you will make your goal time? IF that sentence was confusing to read it: its because my brain is also confused while I’m running a marathon!! 🙂 please tell my husband I need one of these bad larry’s, would you now?

Current Needs:
Umm I need to go Food shopping. I’m even out of toilet paper. It’s bad. The thing is…I hate food shopping. And I’m so bad at it and spend way more money than I should, and even though I try not to impulse buy, something fun always winds up in the cart. My husband is wayyyy better at it than I am…maybe I can talk him into doing it today?? 🙂

Current Blessing:
I am blessed to have an amazing husband, family, and great friends whom I can call at any hour of the day. One lucky duck right here!!!


Current Indulgence:
the fact that I bought new running sneakers is my indulgence….Counting down the days until they arrive!

Current Outfit:
Skinny jeans, gray wedge boots, and a cute button down purple shirt from express.

Wanna do the survey? Copy these questions and link them back on the comments so I can read them!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

Run Free, Run Strong!



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