Little pick me ups and I love morning runs!


Life is really all sunshine, roses, lollipops and butterfly kisses when I get to go running in the morning before work.

Yes, it means getting up at 4:45 to get ready.

Yes, it means heading out while it’s still dark.

BUT-it also means that after work, I have THE GIFT OF TIME!!!!

Now that it is a bit lighter out, I’m going to try to go back to my morning schedule of running. Of course, this means I will have to brave the cold. I’m all brazen saying this now since when I left today- it was a gorgeous 57 degrees out -let’s see how I will react tomorrow when I leave at 5 am and it’s only 30. YIKES.

Please, please, don’t leave me, fall. I beg you.

Today was the first day that I had any energy at ALL to run. Monday was a day off, Tuesday’s run was terrible, and last night I just did not WANT to go for a run. I don’t know why. I swear I have been extra tired from my strength workouts, and maybe even a little latent marathon exhaustion (did I just make that up or is that for real?) from Baystate on 10/20.

I am telling myself that I’m just in a little slump. It happens to everyone, believe me. Nobody can be on point and fabulous 24/7. Life gets in the way and wears us down.

In true girly runner fashion, I decided I needed a couple of little running “Pick Me Ups”

Pick me up Numero UNO: What makes a runner happier than, like, most anything in the world? (Besides a NEW PR)



Yes, I purchased new shoes last night. I promised myself that if I broke 1:45 in my last half marathon-that I could justify a new pair of shoes. My time was 1:43-WINWIN! I’ve been slacking (the half was October 5th) on buying them, but I finally saw them on SALE here.. (don’t you just LOVE that?!) Marked down from $100-$70…#iloveagooddeal

20131107-155823.jpg(—>Brooks Pureflow)

(Secretly I hope that I will someday be such an amazing cool running blogger that running shoes will arrive for me to critique, try on, run in…HEY-A girl can dream, right? J)

Pick me up Numero Dos: I picked out my next marathon. I’m going to register tomorrow. Yahtzee! I have only half marathons for the rest of 2013 (Wolf Hollow, and possibly Jingle Bell) so I wanted to throw in another marathon before Boston 2014. So the “Hyannis Marathon” is the winner.

I ran the half two separate times, and I’m psyched to be doing the full. I loved this course: It is in beautiful Hyannis, MA (Cape Cod) and it was pretty flat. It runs along the ocean for most of it, and the views are spectacular. Even though it is in February, I swear, there is a magic bubble protecting the Cape because it never gets THAT cold or snowy there. I mean, HONESTLY-how can you go wrong? It’s a WIN~ WIN!!

These two things got me pretty excited today! New shoes+ New Opportunity to PR=Awesome Sauce.

Pic me ups aside- I’m walking with some serious pep in my step now that I am re-entering my world of morning runs. I’m soooooooo a morning runner. I adore sunsets, but there is something so peaceful and calming about watching the sunrise every morning, don’t you think?

I hope you all enjoy your days/nights….It’s Almost FRIDAY!!! YIPPPEEEEE!!!

Anybody ever run the Hyannis half or full before?

Am I the only one who loves new shoes and does a little happy dance when I get them?

Run Free, Run Strong, and find your “happy” today!:)



14 thoughts on “Little pick me ups and I love morning runs!

  1. The Maine Coast Marathon is May 11th in Kennebunk, ME. It’s point to point, which I think will be cool because both marathons I have done have been a double loop. It says its fast, but not flat. I’m ok with that, I think I’m ready to do a race with a few more hills. 🙂 Except my next half, that needs to be flat so I can The Hampton Half is sometime in February.

    I’m going to give running another shot this weekend, but I’m not sure there has been much improvement. I think it might be an IT Band issue. Fingers crossed that its better fast.

    I’m wearing the Asics GT-1000 now, and I’ve gotten used to them but I really didn’t like that at first so I’m ready to try something different.

    • I love point to point marathons bc the second loop really wears you down. I’m going to look into that one for sure! My bday is may 1 and I always say I want to run a May marathon and consider it a Bday marathon (I’m such a weirdo!)
      I had an IT band injury once-awful! A lot of stretching was what worked for me. And I try to stretch after every run.
      Sometimes I slack though. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!:)
      I’ve only ever run in one pair of asics, I wasn’t a fan.
      I’ll keep you posted on how I like my shoes!

  2. No! You’re not alone! I just got some in the mail last night & I did a little dance too! There’s nothing at all like new shoes! I’m only a morning runner on Saturdays. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work with my work schedule & driving to work. But I love my Saturday runs most of all! There’s nothing like running and seeing the sun come up!

    • Ahh! I love that we’re on the same page, with shoes AND sunsets!!!awesome !!:) there really is nothing like the very first run in a new pair of kicks! Have fun on your Saturday run!:)

  3. I haven’t done either, but it sounds beautiful! I’m looking for a half to do in the winter (fingers crossed my knee is still not a problem) I’ll put that on my list, another is the Hampton Winter Half. I’m thinking for my spring full I might do the Maine Coast Marathon in May, you know you want to join me! 🙂

    Please let me know how those shoes workout for you, I’m in the market for a new pair and want to switch it up. My mom said she is buying me new running shoes for x-mas my pick…score!

    • Oh my gosh I haven’t even heard of that Maine Coast Marathon! What day is it? And when is the Hampton winter half? I love half’s so that’s a maybe, too!!
      How is your knee now? There is nothing worse than an injury:(
      I will definitely let you know- I’ve been eyeing them to use as a lightweight trainer for a while now and was so happy to see them on sale! Brooks are my favorite.
      What shoes are you in now?

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