Being Thankful, even for the bad runs

Yesterday, I had a bad run.
Twelve long miles.

I didn’t want to run..for so many reasons. After cleaning the house from top to bottom, I was totally motivated to hit the streets.
I Had my playlist ready, my Swedish fish packed…But the second I went to lace up my shoes , I felt a tug in my midsection, pulling me back into the warmth of my house and the comfyness of my couch. I literally had to force myself out the door.

Why? I love to run. It is my favorite thing in the whole world, so Why didn’t I WANT to be there? I still don’t get it, and probably never will fully understand days like these.

No part of me wanted to run-me, myself, and I were fist fighting the whole time to keep going.
The. Whole. Time.
It made for an extremely looooong 12 miles.
Do you ever have a run or a workout like that? It totally sucked.

But you know what? I’m thankful for that bad run. It makes me a stronger runner. Even on the bad days-you have to keep going. Sometimes, I’ll be Miss Cranky-pants and still will push myself out the door and end up having some of the best runs of my life.

I have this wonderful ability to run and I NEVER take it for granted. Sure, it stinks having bad days- but that’s life. If you don’t have the bad days, then how will you recognize the good when they come along?

And because I was not focused on time and speed, I could see all kinds of beauty that surrounded me.. Like the beautiful lake, and the way the sun shone on a field. And even the cute little clouds in the sky. Beauty can be all around you, you just have to stop and smell the roses once in a while to see it. Or even have a slow, bad run πŸ™‚

Today is a new day with new opportunities to shine:)
Run Free,Run Strong!


2 thoughts on “Being Thankful, even for the bad runs

  1. Sorry to hear you had a bad run. I had a run like that this weekend. The hills made it even worse. But my mom had to actually remind me that “not all runs are good runs”. She told me I’ve said that before. Funny I had to be reminded of that. It’s good you were able to find some beauty in it!

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