I dislike the cold, and embracing the beauty

Dear New England Weather Gods…

Some consistency?!?

It would be nice. . .

Yesterday was a balmy, lovely, amazing, warm 62 degrees…
At 8am when I went running-it was already 46 degrees.

Today, though…
When I left at TWELVE(yeah- I KNOW it was late- we had a relaxing family morning)
it was 39 DEGREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks!!! I’m just gonna say it…

I hate the cold. I hate the darkness. The cold. The snow. The cold. The wind. Starting my car early. The layers of frost. The G-D-Motha-F-ING-COLD. </strong


Of course- the first snow is always romantic.
We all adore the way those snowflakes hug the trees.
The snowmen we make with the kiddos.
The hot chocolate and snuggling under the fireplace…

But the SECOND through the NINETY NINTH snow? ??
It can kiss my cold-from-running-through-the-snow-flakes-ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I said it.

Anyway…moving on from my tantrum..today I am learning to embrace the beauty around me:

This first pic is from one of my runs last week.
Running has a way of bring me back to nature in a way that nothing else can..this night was an absolutely gorgeous sunset. I am Ridiculously obsessed with the beauty of fall, I can’t even get enough. I took like ten pics but this one pretty much summarizes it:

20131103-191823.jpg UN-freaking-believable.
This next one is from yesterday’s morning run. I was at the top of a hill I frequently run down and it just struck me as SO beautiful that I couldn’t help but “pull my legs over” and take this:

Today I was running along Lake Mascuppic when I happened to glance to my left and see this sight..by the by– this is completely one hundred trillion percent unedited #noInstagrameffects:

What you CANNOT tell from this picture is that it was seriously not even 40 degrees at this point. #thatswaytoofekkingcoldman

And lastly let me tell you about my new obsession.. It’s nbd…it’s just this superrrrrr amazing shirt I bought. The thing is- I know it’s backless- and maybe it seems a little ‘reckless’ or ‘flashy’ ….but…I’ve never, nor WILL I ever be “that girl” who runs in only her sports bra. Call me an old lady – I don’t even like being in my bikini in front of lots of people #ivealwaysbeenaprudeinmybikini ..but I will say this: I will wear a strapless backless shirt/dress for as many occasions as possible! So that’s why this semi backless shirt is my new fave:

(yes-the second pic was a ‘selfie’ that I did- nobody was home to take the pic and I wanted ya’ll to truly see HOW COOL this shirt is!! Don’t judge me for taking a selfie!!)
I want to buy it in the other two colors!! In all honesty…I probably will. There are nearly zero cute AND sassy running clothing options in this world..of you have found others PLEASE let me know!!!
In case you’re wondering, you can find it here

Have an AMAZING Monday (haha I can’t even say that without automatically apologizing bc it’s SUCH an oxymoron) !!

How was your weekend?!?
Tell me one amazing thing you did!!


2 thoughts on “I dislike the cold, and embracing the beauty

  1. It’s amazing how many cool things you can see just from running!

    I’m the same way-I whine and complain but once I finally get out the door I’m surprisingly fine with it! Do you take forever to get dressed too before your winter runs?

  2. That shirt is super cute!

    I hate the cold and I’m a huge baby about it. lol But, surprisingly I don’t mind running in it all that much.

    Beautiful photos! Part of the reason I love running so much is all of the amazing views I get to see, running helps me so much more of nature than I would any other way.

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