“We can do hard things”

Woman-running-uphill The is the mantra of my favorite running blogger- The Hungry Runner Girl. You should check her out. Her blog is so fun to read. She is one heck of a runner and has the most adorable baby girl in tow. Her collection of running clothes is astounding and her dessert posts leave me drooling…all the time. …Today I’m borrowing her manta for a post that she inspired:)

“We Can Do Hard Things”

Last night, I did HARD THINGS… For anyone from my area-you will know already that I run up Sherburne Road in Pelham, NH on a nearly daily basis. It’s an extremely tough rolling hill for two solid miles with an elevation of over 600 feet. This intense hill still slows me up-even after nearly 6 years of running it. I seem to always “just run it” when I should be “owning it”. If my goal is to get faster than I have to JUST DO IT (cue the Nike sponsors, please!)

But last night I killed it. I have never run up this hill quite so fast-
– Maybe it was a combo of the fact that discovered that I ate a whole bag of candy corn in less than 24 hours. I totally thought my husband had had at LEAST a handful of those little candies but NOPE. Just me. A whole bag. Solo. (GAH! Good thing Halloween is over today because my body is totally going to thank me once I stop fueling it with things other than 100% sugar)
-Every time I started to slow down-I yelled at myself “NO! You can DO HARD THINGS!” And I would let my arms take over and pump me up that big old hill. I probably looked like a crazy intense runner but hey it’s okay because I got the job done!
-I truly let my body just GO with it and bust it out, and I’m SO glad I did. It was a case of “mind over matter” with my legs saying “we’re tired” and my brain saying “too dam bad”


I got up the hill in only 15 minutes. This is a new and awesome record for me-Sometimes it can take me 20 minutes since it is like climbing a mountain (seriously if you’re ever in the Dracut/Pelham, NH area-and need a good hill to train on-I recommend this one).

My total run was 11 miles, in 1:20. I took a look back at a similar run from November of 2012. I did a 10.69 mile run in 1:43. I bested myself by 23 minutes-schhhhweeeettt!!!!

Don’t you just love when you do hard things that make you STRONGER??

So THANK YOU Hungry Runner Girl for all of your amazing posts of getting out of your comfort zone to make yourself better and stronger. Reading your blog is like listening to a running coach and if you are going to ever become a coach, I would love to be your first trainee!!!!

Get out and best your own record today…Do something HARD to show yourself that you, TOO can do HARD THING!!!

Run Free, Run Strong!


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