OH, hello Sunday Night…Go away!

Hey Mr. Sunday! Can Saturday please come out and play?
Sometimes there are just weekends (or days) that fly by so fast that you suddenly realize its over and done with. That little two day stretch of freedom rapidly turns into Sunday night faster than you can say “I have a case of the Muuundays”.

That was my weekend! We are finally nearing the end of a remodel of our house and we all know how much fun it is to cram all furniture into other rooms during the process. As of today, it is over with and we can move my couch out of my entryway and sit down to an actual meal that is at a table and not on my bed.

That being said-I didn’t get to do a whole lot of running this weekend and that bums me out. Through my 13 years of being a runner, I have learned to abide by a few cardinal rules that I have to STILL remind myself of every once in a while:

-It’s okay to take a few days, or even a week(s) off from running. I am referring to uninjured time off; obviously being injured is a WHOLE different can of worms. Sometimes your body needs the extra rest. Especially after having just run a marathon. Do you know anybody who just ran one? Oh yeah-Wait-I did-A week ago. How quickly the body and mind forgets! I am known to just launch right back into it-even the next day: I will typically do a slow recovery run to shake out my tired muscles because it always makes them feel less stiff.

-Just because I take days off doesn’t mean i’m “not a runner” anymore. Runners tend to be harder on themselves than most breeds of athletes. We wake up early to squeeze in a quick nine miles before heading to Sunday breakfast/Church with our families. It leaves us exhausted since we most likely stayed up late the night before-but hey-its worth it in our minds because you got that run all done. As good of a feeling it is to know that you’ve already banked those miles for the day, sometimes it actually IS worth it to take that Sunday off and give your body some extra TLC. Think about how good it will be on Monday when you come back stronger.

-if you’re in training mode (aka BEAST MODE) and take a few days off-your training will NOT be derailed. It is healthy to rest, don’t ever let your training dominate your life so intensely that you forget this.

-it isn’t the end of the world because you ate junk food on Saturday night, and take Sunday off. I get it. No one is perfect all of the time.This is an area that I think I could write an entire book on. One day of eating badly doesn’t mean you NEED to be running bright and early that next day. Nutrition is truly a tricky gray area for probably every single Runner I have ever met. I’m gonna stop at that because I think I could write a book on finding balance between running, weight and nutrition. Expect a post soon to a blog near you ๐Ÿ˜‰

These are only some things I reminded myself today when I was a bit down that I didn’t run a long run this weekend-I LOVE the long run. I was at a really fun wine tasting party with my friends last night..and had wayyy more cookies than one person should. But I’m okay with it. I know a lot of runners out there are like me- the struggle of finding balance within your life as a runner and EVERYTHING ELSE can sometimes have those Blurred lines (No Robin Thicke Pun Intended;))

Instead of running long today though- I got to hang out with the coolest kid EVER, my stepdaughter Alyson. She is usually with us every weekend, but with the time/space consuming home repairs- she hasn’t been able to be here in two weeks (Waaahhhh!!!!) We had an awesome day that consisted of “pucking” leaves (she is SO cute when she says it – I don’t even want to correct her) riding her scooter, hot chocolate, lunch, and lots of I-missed-you-like-crazy hugs and kisses. She is the sweetest thing, cant wait to spoil her like crazy daisies when life is back to normal next week!! Anyway: just a few pictures of my littlest (and biggest) loves:





I hope you enjoyed your weekend, did any of you race? Please let me live vicariously through you and tell me allll about it!!:)

Run free, run strong!


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