The Aftermath of After The Marathon



 In traditional fashion, I can’t forget about a Five things Friday Post!

 In honor of all the runners who recently completed a marathon…These are some official conditions that you may be suffering through POST marathon…

 So. You ran a marathon last weekend….


Condition #1: What’s Up Next?? You can still feel the adrenaline of crossing that finish line- all your hard work, effort, time-it’s all rolled into one big huge sense of accomplishment. You are holding to that moment since it ends as soon as you cross that timed thresh-hold.You’re suffering from the condition known as “WHAT’S NEXT.”  Don’t lie, you know you’re doing it already: Still tired and sore, you have spent hours on the world wide web scanning the local race calendars. You try to figure out if your time will be good enough so that you can finish the race and not miss a single second of your niece’s birthday party. PR’s dance through your head as you envision yourself on that course. “I know I can do better on the next one, I swear!”


Condition #2: Mr/Mrs I’m Never Running Again. Some of you might be the opposite…Maybe you want to QUIT running because the Marathon was SO traumatic for you. You lost toenails. (yuck) You went a little insane during that marathon and can’t fully recover from what you put your brain through. Images of porta potties are haunting your nightmares! Your chaffing was too painful and you might never forget it. You feel you worked too hard. Too much time invested. Maybe, just maybe…you are thinking running just isn’t for you! (To clarify: this is a RARELY diagnosed condition)


Condition #3: Muscle Fatigue-You have worked really, really hard. Enjoy the burn. Couch potatoes don’t feel that burn, do they? NOPE!! You, my Condition #3 Marathon-ing Friend-Have earned the right to sit like a lump on a log on your recliner. Savor it. Eat some cake: You deserve it.


Condition #4: Post-partum training- I am not a fan of the week before and the week after the marathon. The terrible tapering on the week before, and the week after is filled with rest days and slow recovery runs. “To run” today or “not to run” today-is a question mark dancing round your head since you ran a marathon on Sunday-or maybe even two Sundays ago. Not wanting to go all ‘turbo overkill’ on your muscles, you might be doing cross training today instead of the hilly course you usually plan for your Friday runs. Those suffering from Condition #4 know that it’s just not the same as being in “training mode”, is it?

No, no… It’s not.

Being in “Training mode” is EXCITING. Post marathon?? THE BLUES… But remember…it’s okay to appreciate this gift of time you have been given!

Condition #5: (And My personal Favorite)“I KNOW I COULD’VE DONE BETTER” I hardly have known a single marathoner who has not uttered those words. Visions of the muscles starting to cramp at mile 16 are replaced by a new vision: a marathon with no injuries…or stomach pains…and you just easily cruuuuising towards the finish line. You see yourself Smiling at evey porssible camera that flashes at you. Your pictures are glorious-, all of your hair is in place, you’re not covered in Gatorade, and most importantly: You look like a runner- certainly not a half dead zombie like you did in all of your race pics last weekend. I am usually THIS Condition #5  girl who is always dreaming of getting better at my race times. Whatever holds me back at one marathon is always replaced by my declaration that I VOW to improve at the following one.  


Whatever your diagnosis may be: a classic case Condition #1 with a hintof Condition #4 coming on, or a straight shooting #2… I urge to pat yourself on the back and go for a run! Keep in mind that whatever your diagnosis may be…there’s always another run, another race…another day!

Enjoy your Friday!!


Run Free, Run Strong,



22 thoughts on “The Aftermath of After The Marathon

  1. Loved reading this! Considering what I’m like already when it comes to running, I’m definitely going to be someone who has condition 5 when I run my first marathon!

  2. bahahaha #5 yep! definitely #5!! That one still is in the back of my mind to this day which is why I’m pretty sure marathon #2 will be somewhere in my future and ummm the fact that I now have Nicole aka The Girl Who Ran Everywhere burned into my subconscious mind hahaha! 🙂

  3. I might have gone through all of those types! haha Right now, I’m at #4 🙂 I finished my first marathon this past Sunday. I’m enjoying the break but still can’t quit thinking about how I could do one better! 🙂 Great post.

  4. Just found your blog, enjoy it. Do you actually tweet? (the link seems to be broken) If so, what’s your handle?

    Love the post about Bay State Lowell – it’s on my list to do.

    Best wishes.

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