The UN-Wave-ing Runner and Friday Laughs


I have an important question to ask you…When you are out on the road, face to face with another runner…what do you do?

Do you wave? Do you Just give a quick nod?

Or do you simply…Run right on by and ignore them?

The decision to “wave” or “not to wave” says a lot about your character as a runner. It says “HEY YOU- We are in this TOGETHER-This slogging of the miles” It shows camaraderie. Sportsmanship. Human Kindness, for Goodness sake! The person who waves to another is saying-“Hey-I respect you as an athlete” (at least-This is what I think it means!

I think you have already figured it out-I am pro wave. It doesn’t matter if you are on your bike, walking your dog, walking solo-or RUNNING like me-I’m gonna flip you a quick wave-a-roo. Why wouldn’t I?

I encountered a runner two days ago who didn’t wave. In fact, it turns out-this happens (to me) a lot..and…


This reminded me of a day this summer when I was out running on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon along a quiet back road in Tyngsboro, I happened to be running towards 4 or 5 different groups of female runners. I waved to every group I saw. Not one woman raised her hand, or gave me a nod back. It made me sad. I felt…stiffed. Snubbed. Slighted.

I thought…Did I do something WRONG??? Should I not have waved?? Um, if you are reading this now and you remember the little brunette who cheerfully waved at you, please tell me why there was not wave back. I really need to know, please. Not that I’m still wondering three months later or anything.

Don’t think I’m an obnoxious waver- I’m certainly not waving like I’m the center float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Or Miss
America. Its just a little bitty flick of the wrist. You’re probably familiar with the process so I won’t go into the specs. 😉

When I really started to think about it-I realized that I could break down my scenarios statistically: younger runners are more apt to wave than older. Males wave more than females-but I also see more men running than I do women. Younger women wave more than older women. Walkers and bikers wave 75% of time-biker are more “pro wave” than walkers.

Maybe I’m the one who needs to calm down. Not get offended by the way my fellow runners casually ignore my waves. It just makes me SO HAPPY when I see another runner. I think “HEY, there’s another member of my crazy club!” I even feel that by waving-I’m cheering them on, sending them happy thoughts, and encouraging the other athlete on their quest towards physical fitness!

And then I thought…Well maybe I look mean and scary. Maybe I look like I’m too “in the zone” for even a wave ( I don’t like when people beep their horns at me but that’s a whole other story!). Maybe that’s why I didn’t get a wave. I’m “too intense” Hmm.

So what now? I googled it.


I GOOGLED “why don’t runners wave”. What a geek. And you know what I learned?

-In some parts of the world its not common for runners to wave (how odd)
-There are FORUMS that people have created because it bugged THEM TOO
-I’m not crazy cause it makes other runners mad too!

So I came to the is conclusion…A truce, of sorts.
I, Nicole, pledge this: I know I have a poker face when I run. Looking at my race photos-I’ve seen that I can even look MEAN. I am not, I swear, mean. Or angry when I’m running. Because I love running. But I will work on my poker face as long as my fellow runners promise to wave at me while they’re out running.

Deal? Say yes!

Thank the running gods that it’s Friday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be trying out some fantastic cocktail recipes for turkey day and promise to post them after!!


8 thoughts on “The UN-Wave-ing Runner and Friday Laughs

  1. I ran by you this week, I smiled, you did not wave! You def had the poker face thing going on, nbd. And then your blog showed up on my FB page today. Weird coincidence. I might have to keep reading 🙂 Do you ever train with others or prefer running solo?

    • Sooo weird! I feel like I haven’t seen any runners running by me lately!! I LOOOOOVE running with other runners!! Both of my running partners are currently not running a whole lot because they are having babies:) are you in dracut too? I’m wayyy too excited to make a new running friend!!!

      • That was me! Wow you have a good memory. Do you usually run during the day? I usually go during my lunch break but not many others run mid-day so I’m usually alone. Would be nice to have company sometimes.

      • That’s so funny! Really, I paid attention to you bc you had the Baystate shirt on and I ran it a few weeks
        Ago! 🙂
        I don’t usually run during the day-I was off that day, normally I’m a 5am or 5pm runner. I wish I could run midday every day though!

  2. I am DEFINITELY a pro-waver! I make sure to wave and say hello to all of the runners/walkers/bikers/etc. One time last year I was running and I was heading up a rather steep hill and another girl was running the opposite direction down the hill, well, she started cheering me on AND HIGH-FIVED me. That was definitely a first. I was a bit taken back by the high-five, I mean I didn’t want to leave her hanging, so obviously I put my hand up too, but it was a bit odd. After that encounter I decided I would continue sticking to my waves and hellos.

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