Who won the Baystate Marathon on Sunday?

I don’t know-some dude. (Jk- his name is Robert Deleo)
Wanna know who won for the women?

Nina Caron of North Andover. Her time was 2:56:08.

Wanna know the cool part about Ms Caron?

She is 53 years old.
I have soooo many questions for her because I am pretty much in awe.

Of course, Sunday night, tired and sore-I wanted to check the top women’s times, and compare them to mine because SOMEDAY I will be there, at the top. Yup, you heard it here first, folks.

This is the conversation my husband and I had:

Me: HOLY CRAP!!!! The woman who WON is 53 years old!!!!

Husband: wow…53?? She was like-an hour ahead of you. And she is 22 years older than you.

Me: Funny enough-I’ve already worked that out for myself, thank you very much.

Husband: She must be single with no kids

Me: Why?

Husband: because that much training and running would drive a spouse insane

Me: Well okay then.

Should I remind him now or later that I am signed up for another race in two weeks?? Hmmm…..

Anyway, Back to the awesome amazing insanely fast Nina…I did a little research on the Google and found out that she is QUITE the accomplished athlete. An article in the Eagle Tribune from 2009 states that

“She won the 2004 Cape Cod Marathon. She was the New England Grand Prix 40-and-over champion in 2003 and 2004. She’s qualified for the Olympic Trials. And she’s won races in almost every New England state.”

(For more on this article, you can check here and here.)

Here is what I want to ask her:

-What kind of training plan did she use?

-How old was she when she started running?

-When did she start to peak?

And most importantly…Does she want a training buddy? Nina Caron, you are my new hero and you ROCK!!!

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful day and as always-

Run Free, Run Strong!


11 thoughts on “Who won the Baystate Marathon on Sunday?

    • woo hoo! I hope this reply get to you–my wordpress is saying “someone” posted it instead of your name- Weird!
      I am registered already for the Wolf Hollow Half Marathon on 11/24, and thinking about Manchester on 11/4..I can’t decide between the half or the full (to redeem myself from baystate, haha) and also considering the Jingle Half in Atkinson NH on 12/14…what about you??

  1. It went ok….I was aiming for a 3:34 and had 3 great 20 mile training runs leading up, but things fell apart for me at mile 16 and I finished in 3:57 😦 not the worst thing I suppose. Is your blog on IG or FB?

    • Isn’t that the worst when you have GREAT training runs and then a crappy marathon??/ Makes me so mad. We really are the same person, haha. I totally feel your loss on the 3:34…I thought I was going to do 3:26. 😦

      I am on fb-I update my blog postings on there-Nicole Bedard. Friend me!! 🙂 I am also on twitter, @bostongirlruns, and i’m on instagram, too as Nicolebedard. Are you on any of these things too so I can follow you?

  2. Umm..Did we just become best friends? I THINK SO!!! The similarities are so crazy, that’s awesome and weird and I love it! I can’t believe we got married a day apart!! OMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!
    How are you doing? How did it go for you on Sunday? I hope your recovery is going well too! can’t wait to hear back from you!

  3. A running friend told me about your blog as he thought I would love it because you reminded him of me. And OMG, I think youre my long lost best friend/sister LOL. I am a MASS runner and we have been at the same races, same experiences! Its kinda freaky…the similarities 🙂 I just ran Baystate on Sunday, ran the Boston Marathon and will run it again in 2014. I swear my thoughts were ripped out of my head and thrown into this blog by you. Whats even a little more scary, is that you got married the day after me! Haha. Anyways, I will continue to read your blog because I love how similar we are. Have a great day and hope your recovery is going well.

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