Bliggity Bloggity Blogger

Being a blogger means that you are taking your own life, and opening up about it to the world. Whether you meant to or not, your personal thoughts and reflections on whatever topic you happen to be writing about are out there, for the world at your disclosure.

In an effort to connect more with my readers, I thought i would disclose some random fun factoids about myself. These are my thoughts, and mine alone-nobody is paying me to write them (haha, sometimes I feel like I should be writing that)

-I feel most inspired when I’m running. There are so many times that the LIGHTBULB will go off in my brain when I am out running and NOT near my trusty IPAD. This just makes me run home that much faster so that I can write my ideas down! Sometimes, on the run, I’ll even shoot myself a quick email with some bullet points before I forget! LAME I know. For instance-last Thursday, I got the inspiration for my “5 Funny Friday things” post while I was out running and dodging crazy drivers and scary dogs. I quickly pulled over (haha) on the shoulder of the road and jotted on the ‘notepad’ of my Iphone!!

-My favorite time of day is morning time. I LOVE summer morning runs when it’s nice and quiet and I’m the only one on the road. There is just SOMETHING about having a 10 mile run over and done by 6:30am. #iruletheworld. Now that I am back in school, I can’t run in the mornings because its too dark. Unless I hop on my treadmill…which is suuuuper boring compared to the awe inspiring beauty of natural light. Plus-there is NOTHING like the feeling of pounding the pavement and getting that sense of accomplishment when you have arrived at your destination after your run! so I guess I should add another thing onto this factoid list:

-I’m NOT a fan of running on the treadmill. I have one, its a necessity because I live in New England, and I would cry if it broke (one time that happened; it was awful). I use it when I HAVE to-like when I am too tired to force my legs to go faster and i let the treadmill do that for me, or if the weather is doing crazy things outside. #imasummergirl

-I love, love, love running in the summer rain. There is just something about it that is so beautiful and cleansing to you soul.

-I really, strongly dislike bad grammar. Even more than that-I have been known to annoyingly correct my friends. Who wouldn’t want to be best friends with me?? I KNOW- I can’t think of anyone, either!!!!


-I get excited about like, EVERYTHING. You name it-I’ve been giddy over it. I think I’m the only person in the world who had a countdown til their anniversary- I was THAT excited to hit our first one! It just felt like a milestone!! My husband used to think this habit was cute. I think he is over it now. I have been known to randomly ask “ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT _______ “ Fill in the blank with ANYTHING and you have our typical day. His reply, always, is “I don’t get excited Nicole, you know this.” Oh, haha, oh look at that, yes I do indeed-y. I still ask-its cool. I swear.

-I am obsessed OBSESSED with buffalo chicken. Its pretty much always present in my life..even though..sometimes It gives me a terrible belly ache, and I will lie awake at times in agony, but I will know it was all worth it. It’s just one little food I cannot fathom giving up. And while we are at food obsessesions: also – Greek Yogurt ( I call it GroGurt), fresh veggies from my garden, sandwiches, and shrimp quesadillas. My friends have pointed out to me that once i LOVE a food-it is extra present in my life and I pretty much force them to love it too (you’re welcome, Wifey & BFF for your love of the GRO-GURT) Once, for my birthday, they were planning a trip to Sandwich, MA and we were going to have sandwiches when we got there. We ended up elsewhere-but i probably still got a sandwich wherever we went!

-I really like making themed drinks for whatever holiday/season we are near/in. Like last week- I found pumpkin liqueur in the store-you bet your buns i picked up two bottles so I can make awesome Thanksgiving drinks. #dontyouwishiwascomingtoyourthanksgiving

I hope you were amused by my random musings..just some fun tidbits behind the girl who runs like a crazy person!

Run Free, Run Strong!
Enjoy your Huuump Dayyyyyyyy (come on, don’t tell me you don’t do that too)



10 thoughts on “Bliggity Bloggity Blogger

  1. Awesome! I’ll be glad to have some holiday drinks too try. Oh and I’m sure it will be just down right awful to do that testing…someone’s gotta do it though, right?! 😉

    Nah, its still broken. I think I need a new one. I don’t mind so much about the cold in the winter, its just lack of daylight. I can’t get out during the week at all because hubby is gone while its dark in the a.m. and not home until after its dark at night. 😦 I guess I could just have the dog watch the kids? haha I kid.

    I’m assuming since you love buffalo chicken you have had buff chick dip? I make a healthier version so I don’t feel so guilty about devouring it! YUM!

    • Rip treadmill:(
      Yes that is how I feel…the lack of light kills me!
      Ooooh I have made a healthier one too..I STILL eat like half the dish bc it’s sooo good! Do you use lighter cream cheeee/dressings in yours? I love new tips!:)

  2. Found the cream cheese at Stop N Shop, its limited edition 🙂 right along side of the pumpkin cream cheese! Yum…..enjoy!!!
    I’d die if he was our DJ, lol.

  3. Omg, lol…totally get the t-shirt -or ask for it for Xmas haha.
    The pumpkin butter is amazing – on Sunday after the marathon…I toasted 1 waffle, slathered it with the new brown sugar cream cheese then spread on the pumpkin butter. That was my 26.2 treat! To die for. I had to click on your husbands page to make sure he wasnt our DJ…because I saw his name was Greg. Im not a creep, I promise lol. What a small world 🙂

    • Haha!!! That is awesome.. Imagine if
      He was your dj?? That would be even more priceless!!!:)
      I’m going to go to trader joes this weekend and get some .. I’m sold…
      And WHERE IN THE WORLD do I find brown sugar cream cheese???? I’m hello amazing!!!!!!

  4. 1274980534742897423-95 more reasons why we are friends!
    #1 Buffalo Chix anything is always my number 1!
    #2 Grammar and spelling = HUGE in my book. My husband always makes me proof read his emails before they are sent out. He uses me as his spell check, lol.
    #3 And I LOVE this freaking camel SO much, every Wednesday. The commercial never gets old to me 🙂
    #4—Pumpkin is my fave, or should say anything seasonal.
    #5- Also, summer/sunshine/beach/being hot = my best season. Although, fall is great for running in.
    #6- my sisters name is Tara
    #7- my wedding DJ’s name is Greg Bedard 🙂
    Im sure I could go on, lol 🙂

    • This is getting weirder and yet more awesome!!! Is it weird that I describe you as my new BFF to my friends?! 🙂 how weird all these things!! I laugh EVERY TIME at that commercial- I saw a t shirt online with him and the “mikemikemikemikemike-guess what day it is?” And to refrain from buying it.
      Pumpkin is AMAZING in anything, I saw that you got pumpkin butter which I have been dying to try!! How is it? Give it to me straight sista!
      The sister/dj thing is just soooooo strange!! My husband is not a dj so it wasn’t him that it is a small small world !!! Xoxoxo

  5. I DO wish I was coming to your Thanksgiving! Buut since I’m not be sure to share your yummy drink recipes 🙂

    My treadmill broke during the last 3 weeks of Baystate awful is that?!

    And I agree, running in the morning is the best!

    • Erin I SO will share and post! I’ll try some out ahead of time so you have them for the big day (haha, It will be realllly hard to do all that testing!!)

      That really stinks about your treadmill!! Did you get it fixed? It makes me very sad for bc if our lovely winters (wahh!!)

      I love that we’re both morning runners;)
      Have a great day!

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