We are warriors.


For those of you who ran a marathon yesterday, whether it be my favorite-The Baystate, or any other:
You are a WARRIOR.

This morning I came to work for 7 am after running the marathon yesterday. I am tired. I am sore. Aches and pains have been discovered overnight during a discomforting sleep. Rolling out of bed becomes a challenge on the day after the marathon. There is no such thing as waking up with “pep in your step” the next day(or three). Nope.

Getting ready for the day defies all logic. YES it is okay if you sit down to put your socks on. It’s completely understandable if you didn’t take an additional shower because standing, well STANDING is a challenge in and of itself. Its ok to be in your car and suddenly realize that you left your eye makeup kit upstairs (up-STAIRS, friends!!) and decide to forgo eye makeup this morning. It’s cool, trust me- because the thought of hobbling up the stairs and the daunting task of returning to go back down the stairs while clinging to the railing for dear life brings more fear to you than the Tower of Terror in Disney World.

That moment today when you are sitting down in your office chair starts to become painful? Yes, my friends-those are your hamstrings. Welcome to after marathon pains.

You did it! you braved the long 16-18 weeks of training. Some of you trained longer-6 months, 1 year, to get to that starting line. It’s okay that you WANT to wear your medal and race bib underneath your clothes. There is nothing wrong with wanting to hold onto yesterday’s glory. That moment was YOURS, IS YOURS and you will have that memory forever.
Never forget the feeling of crossing that finish line. You Ran 26.2 miles. . .You are a WARRIOR.

You have the war wounds to prove it:

* Black toenails. No toenails. I think there must be about 4% of marathoners who have cute feet…I am not one of, don’t worry. But I’m okay with it because I am a WARRIOR. Sure, I can’t wear open toed shoes all the time or put my post-marathon feet into pointy shoes for a few days…but it’s a small, small sacrifice-Because I am a WARRIOR.

*Your poor, poor body has become chaffed in areas you didn’t know were possible. I’m not going into detail on this one. You are a WARRIOR bearing your war wounds!

*You stomach may shudder at the thought of eating Powerbar Gels for a little while due to the amount you swallowed down yesterday. Blech. Such a necessary evil.

Your life is now changed a little .. you see the world differently. You might now find yourself beginning sentences with “I RAN A MARATHON YESTERDAY”
For example:
– “I RAN A MARATHON yesterday..there isn’t anything I can’t do” —>you are RIGHT because you are a WARRIOR.
– “I can eat anything I want. I RAN A MARATHON yesterday.
– “I RAN A MARATHON yesterday, I am awesome!!! (We know!!)

And the funny thing is? Amidst your aches and pains, you are already thinking about doing another one, aren’t you?? Don’t deny it…You’re already mapping out future training plans, figuring out WHO you can rope in to do it with you, etc. Destination marathons may be dancing round your brain…And of course(if you didn’t already)..qualifying for Boston might have taken hold of you and that’s a beast that is NOT easy to let go.
The point is of my long winded tale of after-marathon-pains-plans-and-ponderings is this :

YOU are a WARRIOR. Congratulations. Go enjoy your day. You have EARNED it.

Run Free, Run Strong!



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