Marathon Sunday..


Marathon day is here! Well the nerves have officially set in… My stomach is a mess, and I probably slept four hours, at most! It’s 7:21 am and I’m patiently waiting for the dam race to start. To put it kindly- I am Grumpster 2013. But it can only get better from here right?? I can do this right?
It begs the question: why do I doubt myself every marathon morning? I have no clue. Maybe because it’s super early? Because it is still a little dark and cold right now? Who knows!
All i know is that I can’t WAIT to get started already!

To anyone racing today-best of luck!

Today, I am running my 3rd Baystate Marathon.
All summer long, I have trained for this race, side by side, with the toughest competitor I know.

Today, I race against her.

I’ve learned all of her strengths, her weaknesses, her training flaws, and mostly-how hard she works to fine tune her skills.
This girl has pushed me to the edge.
She’s made me better, faster- stronger.
She thinks she’s going to beat me.

But I know her secret…

SHE is ME…But, the “ME” from One year ago.

Today, I will kick “her” ass!




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