Five Funny Friday things!

Happy Friday my friends!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!

Tonight I will pick up my number and make my LAST SUPPER(still undecided!)

I realllly hate tapering. Honestly I would rather run 70 miles a week than be limited to 30ish (without counting Sundays marathon) it leaves me too much time to stress over it!!

Before I get to the rest of my post, I wanted to share my day yesterday in pictures that I took along my run. Let me tell you, It has been the most gorgeous fall I have ever seen.


Fall…… I loverrr you…please NEVER leave me!!!

Ok and this one is NOT FALL…but I had to go out tonight and wore lipstick…that never happens on a school night! It’s pretty much a miracle if I SHOWER that night, never mind dress up!!

These are some of my irrational running fears that I have… Maybe they aren’t quite so irrational because they have happened to me. Some, more than once #dumbbrunette

Fear #1: that i will wear my running shorts inside out and you will see the “underwear” side. NO joke, i once did this with a pair of short pants and did not realize it until i was already home. #winning You bet your buns I check twice now before heading out the door!!

Fear #2: that I will trip, and fall, on my face…again. I just can’t imagine how this can happen to someone as funny/slick as me…but it has happened…more than once. Yes, i will accept my award now for Miss Graceful USA. Once, a lady even pulled over to ask if I was ok..I politely said “thank you, yes” and began to run again..awfully embarrassing…#letspretendthatdidnthappenthankss

Fear #3: Unleashed dogs.. Ooh the dogs.. I actually like dogs a lot, but- I’m not too crazy about the ones who come barreling towards me while savagely barking and baring their teeth as I’m unsuspectingly running past their house. Nope, not so much. And then when they continue to chase me down the street? BIG HUGE FEAR!!!
Maybe that is how I will win marathon…let loose a huge crazy snarling dog to run after me??

Fear #4: the cars. You know? The ones that have the texting drivers? And the ones who I SWEAR veer TOWARDS me??? Honestly, I have jumped out of the way WAY more times that is appropriate!

Fear #5: that I will get lost… This is the only one that hasn’t happened to me…YET…:) thank goodness for cell phones and GPS!!:)

Only two more days til Baystate!!! EEEEKKKKK!!!!
Enjoy your Friday!!

What’s your irrational running fear?
Running any races this weekend? Tell me where!


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