Positive Thinking& Being Your Best YOU!


The Power of Positivity: How can you relate the power of positive thinking with your running?

This is a topic I have wanted to write about for while now and with only FOUR more days until I am running Baystate Marathon, I thought it would be a good time. Let’s talk about the power of positive thinking. I try to always think positive and be my “best ME” that I can be. If I really can’t change my mind about my woes, often just the simple act of running will help clear up that bad juju.

Imagine if you saw yourself, all the time, in a beautiful and positive way. How would that change your outlook on life? Instead of thinking “I don’t think I will do very well in this race” how about thinking : “I am going to ROCK this.” Below are some aspects that I help me to be a positive person. Some are running related, and some are just plain old nuggets of truth I’ve learned along this road called LIFE!

20131016-205806.jpg 1. You don’t get a second chance at today. Each day is a new one chock full of opportunities for you to embrace. Take all the bad stuff from yesterday and just flush it down the toilet. Today is a new page in your book.

2. All the experts say it’s important to see the glass half full: You are what you think you are. I think I am a great runner. Please don’t mistake me as over confident-I am not. But what I am is someone who works hard, all the time, to improve at what I love. I see my running as a platform to improve: I am only just beginning my journey. Think onwards and upwards! As long as you’re alive and kicking, you can get better!

3. Give yourself positive pep talks. As lame as it may sound, telling yourself that “YOU CAN DO IT” over and over again is going to stick in your head until you believe it, too. It’s very important to continue to tell yourself positive things every day: this will create a pattern in your brain helping you to think postively on a consistent basis. Being happier evokes positivity in every aspect of your life. Visualization is also a part of this. Close your eyes and SEE yourself doing exactly what it is you want to do. ((See?? Isn’t that nice?:))

4. Take action to figure out the areas you need to change. Are you struggling with long runs? Or maybe its speedwork? Take a minute to really think about the areas you are not happy with. Figure out how you can change it- Do you need a running partner to boost your confidence? Need to follow a plan? For me, I have always struggled with my track speed workouts. It would bum me out when I couldn’t get faster. I started to realize that I wasn’t pushing myself like I needed to, so I hopped on my treadmill. Hitting those speed increase buttons force me to go faster than I had wanted to, making it a better option (for me) than a track workout. There is always a way to fix your trouble spots.

5. Have fun! Give yourself permission to enjoy your runs. Once in a while, leave your watch/phone at home. Dont think about your training. Don’t think about making improvements. Ignore pace, distance, speed, etc. Run for the pure joy of the sport. Let your mind drift to happy topics. I love the days where I just run for sport. I don’t do it enough!

6. You may have Negative Nancy’s in your life,but try to find the good in every person. So your friend who always complains about her family/job/boyfriend..try to remember how much you love that she always answers the phone when you call and never forgets your birthday. Everybody’s got a “good” side. Tune the bad things out while embracing the good. Happy is as happy does. Ignore the negativity!

7. Once in a while, somebody might come along who tells you that you can’t do it. Prove them wrong. Believing in yourself and believing in what YOU can accomplish is a life changing thing. I have always believed I can be a better runner. Am I the BEST? NO! But that’s not what is important. Believing that YOU are DOING your best is what IS important. I try not to get down on myself when I have bad days, and move right along to the next good day. Believe in the wonderful amazingness (definitely a word, right?!) of YOU! I will never listen to those who tell me I “can’t”. In four more days, I am going to rock the Baystate Marathon and hit my goal of a 3:30 marathon. I believe in myself that I can do it, and if I don’t believe in me, who will?? (And PS If someone tells you you CANT do it- they’re just a plain old cotton headed ninny muggins)
Embracing the positivity in your life goes a long way 🙂
I hope some of these tips can help you to be your best YOU that you can be!
Run free, Run strong!




2 thoughts on “Positive Thinking& Being Your Best YOU!

    • Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words! I really have been trying to keep it very positive and upbeat because we all have too much negativity weighing us down!
      You are so sweet and thank ou again!:)

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