6 months ago today.

Not one god damn day goes by where I don’t think about how lucky and freaking BLESSED my family and friends are. I have learned not to take even one second…a SECOND of my life for granted. Ever. It’s too precious and fragile. On the days where I am feeling tired, sick, or just “Blah”, I try to stop and think ….HEY YOU-YOU’RE HERE, and GUESS WHAT? YOU’RE FREAKING FORTUNATE YOU ARE.

Have you ever read the “How to value time” essay?
To briefly summarize:

“To know the value of a minute.. Ask the person who just missed the train.
To know the value of one second, ask the person who narrowly avoided an accident.”

I think anyone who was on the last quarter mile of the 2013 Boston Marathon course can attest to knowing the value of their minutes, of their seconds, the preciousness of their milliseconds. Our lives are held in a precarious balance from the morning we wake up to the second we are in our beds. You NEVER know what could happen to you.

Our lives have been forever altered and changed because of tragic events from that day. Our hearts beat as one as we felt the tragedy, and the pain.


We are starting to rise:

My family, my friends, the city of Boston, the nation, have All banded together as one BostonStrong. We remember, every day. WE take the extra time to help one another and make extra efforts to be together.

The casualties from the tragedy are now our angels; their stories etched in our hearts.

The victims inspire us with their positivity and confident ability to rise up above their own personal injuries. They have become ambassadors of hope, beacons of light to look towards. I don’t know how positive I would be if this had happened to me.

I have read so many beautiful stories about those who have lost limbs because of the bombings. Celeste Corcoran, who is “learning to run again” and Roseann Sdoia, who still awaits her new running prosthetic, and so, so many more are learning to live again with their new limbs. There are as many stories of joy and happiness as there are sadness and heartache that came from that day.

There is still a long way to go in the trial of the remaining bomber. We don’t have an outcome..or all the answers to my burning questions…Yet.
Right now, we only have the hope of moving forward. And hope will ALWAYS trump hatred. Evil will never live in my heart, or have the last word. One day we will know ALL the motives and ALL the reasonings behind this tradgedy. “Only time will tell” as my Nana used to say…

“And remember, time waits for no one.
Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
And Today? ITs YOUR gift. That’s why it’s called THE PRESENT.” –Author Unknown



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