Long run Saturday& celebration Sunday!

After a day of being basically immobile on my couch and not rejoining the human race until Noon O Clock..I had a great last “shorter” long run of 14 miles. I also did a strength workout to this video. Just KIDDING!!! My friends sent me that yesterday when I told her I Was lifting weights to a workout video and i couldnt resist putting it here!!

With less than ONE week to go, i am literally chomping at the bit to get started running Baystate. The hourly forecast can now be checked on the reg:

The OUTFIT can officially be picked out (still too soon for that though, I think!), sneakers be chosen, and of course, my favorite part: THE LAST SUPPER can officially be sought out!

Yesterday, my girlfriends and i braved our fears (ok, I braved my fears, no one else) of heights and went to a place called Moneytrunks. It was absolutely terrifying and so much fun, all at once!
Three levels of challenges to accomplish all while you are safely secured in a helmet and a harness. My 8 other friends were much braver than I! I could only do level one activities and one little baby zipline. Who knew I would be so terrified of heights???
Certainly not me! I will have to share some fun pictures once my lovely photographer friends upload them! The one below is one I pulled from online. I didn’t bring my camera or phone with me because I KNOW how clumsy and accident prone I can be. Ohhh boy, am I a clutz!

20131014-101029.jpg We visited Moneytrunks in honor of my friends birthdays, so of course, afterwards called for presents, wine, food, and bonding time…You can never have too much of good friends, good times, good wine…and, buffalo chicken calzones! Yummmm!

I think I have told ya’ll before just how awesome my friends are. I have to do a post about them soon, Maybe even an individual post for each because they are just THAT AWESOME. If you all even had one friend like mine, you would be lucky!

20131014-103358.jpgMoving on…Today, I finally woke up, for once, well rested. I was able to look in the mirror and not see GIANT bags underneath my eyes! Hooray! In honor of a restful night, I’m going to go for an awesome run! Not more than 10 miles since I have a marathon in only 6 days (eek!)
Anybody working today on this fine Columbus Day?
if you aren’t, I hope you are truly enjoying your day off!!


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