Confession Saturday

Confession #1
I’m truly lacking motivation this week for like ANYTHING., laundry…and ..even… running! It feels awful and I’m hoping that next week makes me bounce back with gusto.

Confession #2
I only blogged once this whole week because I couldn’t even think about things to write about. I think this is due to two weeks of insomnia, work exhaustion,and my social life being packed every weekend with too many fun things (how can you say no to fun?!) that I leave myself no time to rest. My mind races at night but none of them are fun blog topics! Wth!!

Confession #3 I’m still in my pajamas at 10:22 am and I’m snuggled with a blankie on my couch because I’m so cold/unmotivated to go outside running -ummm I think it’s only like 55 outside. And it’s cloudy. That’s cold. I will welcome back sunny and 75 anytime now, please and thank you. I dreadddddd winter!!! At least I am catching up on my favorite blogs, and getting my Facebook creep fix.
Someone posted this hilarious picture and it totally makes me crack up every time I look at it!!

Confession #4 I think I feel unmotivated every single week right before I run a marathon. Since I’m in tapering mode-I’m always anxious for race day and can’t really let out my anxieties via my number one outlet, running, because I’m in tapering mode. Ahh, the vicious cycle!

Confession #5 I registered for two more half marathons this week…more on that to come. One is very large, one is very small. But I can’t wait to rock both ! Ok..maybbbeeee *some* motivation is coming back to me!
Time to get put the door so I can see the beautiful foliage in the area…

20131012-103822.jpgEver lacked motivation , either in life or in running? Please give me some of yours!

Have a great weekend, enjoy every second of your Saturday!
RunFree, RunStrong!


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