Training for a half or a full marathon? Some tips for the big day..

As I sat waiting for my half marathon to start yesterday, I started thinking about all kinds of tips that could help someone running their first marathon.

-Con a friend/spouse/loved one into doing it with you. Not only will you get a schweet training buddy out of it-but It’s always more reassuring on the morning of the race that if/when you get lost and cant find your way to the start-you have a friend to be lost with. Two lost brains can surely find the way to the start right?

If you run with music, make yourself a kickass motivating playlist that you save JUST for running. The fresh tunes will help push you through.

Get to the start early. Seriously. Drag your tired butt outta bed and just do it.

Have a plan ahead of time How you will be getting back to your car after
You finish? The bus? A friend? These are important things to know. Nobody likes anxiety!

Porta Potties.. Are disgusting. Get over it now. The bigger the race, The worse they will be. If you are bringing a pouch/fuel belt, carry a little wad of tp with you. Also-Before the start: When you see an open porta potty.. Use it. Even if you only have to go juuuuust a little bit. Sometimes, there ARE NO porta potties on the entire course, or places that you (legally) can tinkle!

Pick up your number the day before. (If it’s possible)You can check out the course, finish line, where you’ll park, etc. This also helps you feel more in control of your situation on race day morning.

Never eat anything new on race day morning ..once upon a time, while waiting outside in the cold, I had a cup of coffee before the Boston marathon. I don’t drink coffee. Just Imagine how that went down. Yeah.

Never wear anything new on race day morning. Give your clothes, shoes, pouches and whatever else a test run. You’ll thank me later when your fuel belt isn’t chaffing you while you’re trying to set your amazing pr.

Stick with what works for you. Just because that girl you know got her PR on her half marathon by eating oatmeal and sucking back gu’s doesn’t mean it’s for you. Every body is different.

Read about your course so you’re not surprised. Any race I have ever done has had their course listed online. You can compare the elevation in your own runs to the course’s to see if you are training on similar hilly areas.

And most importantly…

HAVE FUN!!! Enjoy yourself. Remember WHY you signed up for this race in the first place. Remember you will NEVER have THIS MOMENT again in your lifetime-so take it all in and enjoy it:)



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