Half Marathon Race Recap!

Race recap:
I got up at 6:00 am to eat a breakfast of oatmeal and apples. YUM. The half didn’t start until 10 but I still had to go and pick up my number at the high school and park my car.
When I arrived at the school, I was told by the police that I couldn’t pick up my number now, and would have plenty of time after parking my car and being bused back to the starting line… Wait..Whaaat?? How do I get back to my car after? Will I really have enough time?
I think I ask myself about 84,000 questions because on race morning…I get NERVOUS.
No need to be so nervous though… It was easy to find the parking lots and the awaiting buses.
At one point after parking, the race directors actually scared me..They were yelling at EVERYONE around them. The anxiety really started to kick in at this point.
At the start of every marathon, there comes a moment where I say to myself… Why the hell am I doing this again? Next comes a whole crazy one sided convo of negativity in my brain:
Should I just go home?
I don’t think I trained right.
I don’t even look like a runner.
I’m not going to do well. I know it.

It really is the WAITING that gets me anxious. If I could just get out of my car, and start the marathon I would be a happy camper. Being bused, hustled, and left for hours to wait really plays on your nerves, no?

I didn’t go home. “Giving up” is a phrase I do not understand. At all. It was a really beautiful course. If i wasn’t trying to run quite so fast, I would have taken pictures to show you. It was tree lines with absolutely gorgeous views of fall foliage and pretty houses. Water stops at every two miles were extremely helpful, too.

The first 9 miles were Very easy…either downhill or super flat, it was awesome. It wasn’t until mile 9 that I hated running because Here Came The Hills! They were pretty tough and slowed me RIGHT down-this was the only place I stopped to suck down a GU (GU-ROSS)

I’m happy to report that I gave a beatdown to good old Debbie Downer and came in 4th place in my division! YAY!!! It gets me even more excited for 3 more weekends for the full Baystate Marathon. Wait. No, TWO MORE WEEKS, holy moly that came QUICKLY! Wow!
My overall time was 1:43:01 🙂


Now I’m finally off to “do the day” and shop/clean like crazy for my cutie pie stepdaughter’s 7th birthday party tomorrow!! 🙂
Run Free, Run Strong, enjoy your Saturday to the max!!


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