Five Happy Friday Things


let me just start with this… I cannot get over that it is already October because:

-I have already been back in school for over a month
-My stepdaughters 7th birthday is this Monday (!!!)
-I have a marathon in only 3 more Sundays and a half on Saturday!

i have never been good with “tapering”. Let me be honest…I HATE it. Typically, I keep doing high mileage anyway and just decrease in the week or two before whatever marathon I’m running. This week, I DID taper, but, I normally do one weekday 13 miler, and one weekend “long run” ranging from 15-20 miles. Basically, I skipped my midweek run and have been going easy or taking days off. . . and ohhhh man. I have lots of pent up energy because i just WANT to get started already!
Seriously. Come on Saturday!!

BUT…on a happy happy note: It’s FINALLY FRIDAY!
There are 5 things that I’m happy about on this beautiful Friday!

-This month is the most beautiful in New England. The leaves are bright and colorful, the air is warm yet crisp, and its nearly always (Oxymoron? I LOVE oxymorons-for real) nice out. And, now its MARATHON SEASON! .

-It’s also a special month because it is this little cutie pie’s birthday!

This is my stepdaughter Alyson. She is an exceptionally bright, sweet, funny, sarcastic, and sometimes difficult 6 year old. And on Monday she turns 7! I am SO proud to be her stepmother.

– The desserts in my weekend future: Apple Crisp on Saturday and Red Velvet Cupcakes on Sunday. Do I need to say anything more??? i didnt think so..Don’t be jealous. I will save you a crumb (or two)
No. I’m sorry- I can’t even joke around about that…#getyourowndessert

-I get to do a half marathon on Saturday morning and still get to sleep in a little bit. Win win if you ask me! Correlating with this half is the fact that i FINALLY get to make my long anticipated(well, like 5 days) recipe from Skinnytaste : Butternut Squash Spinach lasagna Rolls. YUM. #thisisallicouldthinkaboutallweek #ilovedinner

-Saturday will be the first official race I’ve done since the 2013 Boston. The feeling of crossing the finish line was abruptly taken from me because of the bombings. Since then, I have felt a gap in my heart. I mean..I get it..I was RIGHT THERE…i was less than 1/10 of a mile from finishing..but still, it is not the same. Cross the finish line is a mental pat on the back for yourself. You have just worked your butt off to get where you are and the emotions that come flooding to the surface are incredible. I can’t wait to cross a finish line. It means SO much to be to be able to do that. I will run FASTER because of this!

thanks for all of the positive feedback and messages, I truly love the love!

off to bed, finally!
Run Free, Run Strong!

tell me all about your weekend runs!

What are you most excited about for October?
-Halloween Candy, running in cool weather, birthday parties!


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