Amazing running stories

The past couple weeks, my Runner’s World Tweets have been blowing up with amazing stories: First…There have been TWO inspiring and amazing stories of woman winning marathons! And, in just this past week: There were stories of TWO sets of couples winning their respective marathons.

On September 24th, Danya Crawford won the Big Cottonwood marathon. She was going so fast that the following things happened:
-she didn’t even know she was winning
-she didn’t know she was beating even the MEN!
-her official time was 2:46:30 and she beat last year’s winner by more than three minutes.
This lady is so cool. Maybe she will come visit and we can go for some intense running sessions.

Within one week, two sets of married couples won the marathons they were running together. On September 29th, Sam and Jennifer Malmberg won the Monument Marathon in Nebraska. Sam ran 2:49:24, Jennifer ran 3:21:11. She was fifth overall. And guess what? They did this LAST YEAR too!

This past Sunday, another headline broke of a couple winning a marathon! Tatsuya Hatachi won the Surrey International World Music Marathon in 2:47:18. Twelve minutes later, his wife Rika, came crashing in at 2:59:41. Not only did she take the win for the women, but Rika was 3rd place overall.

I think these couples answer my question on how awesome can a training partner be? Hmmmm…how to convince my husband?? #loveandrunningdoexist #toobadhehatestorun

The last SUPER AMAZING story is probably my FAVORITE running story of all time. I really hope they make a movie about it. Or this lady writes a book. Or maybe even gives me a call on the phone to discuss because she is JUST SO DAMN COOL…

On September 29th, Meredith Fitmaurice ran the Ontario Half Marathon. Her plan was to do the half as a training run for the “full” 26.2 marathon she was going to do later this year. Her plan was to pre qualify for the Boston Marathon.

But Good Ole Meredith did NOT run the half…While being completely “in the zone” and listening to her tunes, she took a wrong turn and ended up running the entire marathon ……


She had never even run MORE than 20 miles in her life, and here she was WINNING the marathon! Her time was 3:11:48, and she was in 10th place overall. What a happy accident!

Let’s recap:
-woman starts out running the half marathon: 13.1 miles
-she accidentally takes a wrong turn
-she takes the win for the women

I mean HONESTLY. WHAT was on her playlist? For real. I need some of THAT!

Have a wonderful day!
Run Free, Run Strong!


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