Reflecting back at the last half marathons I completed


Tuesday night I did a speedy progression 9 miler in 1:09. An average of 7:40 mph. I was really happy with that.. It’s not my fastest , but it felt really good. I know how far I have come since I started running.

When I first started running marathons, I did a couple of Hyannis half’s (in Cape Cod) as part of my training runs for Boston.
Gaaaah. I was terrible. I didn’t know AT ALL how to train back then. I recently googled my results… To humor you, and myself..I will post them here. (Side note:I was Nicole Polex back then)




I posted them in worse-better order. Yes. Thats right. I was better by almost ten minutes in 2008 . I actually got WORSE the 2nd year I ran it! Now, you should know, I truly don’t mean any disrespect at all to anyone whose pace that also is: when I ran these two half’s, I had already been a runner for 8-9 years. I wish I had had the discipline and concentration I do now to focus on getting better. I remember being stressed about running back then, had no plans to improve, and no solid goals. Basically: I am calling myself an uneducated runner! I was content to keep running more and thought I would miraculously become this awesome runner overnight(wrong).

My running began to get better in mid 2009 when I first started to date my husband. I know that sounds a bit silly, but it’s true. The happiness and contentment you feel when you meet someone who is so very perfect for you can truly change your life. He offered me his fitness perspectives, made me eat more lean protein, take vitamins, and cross train. These things helped a lot. He also gets what makes his wife tick: understands that I need to run, gives me space, and lets me do my own thing. I am one VERY lucky lady!

Because of our stress free relationship, I am able to have a clear focus on many things at once. I always used to worry when/where I would run…now it’s not a concern because I plan better and work even harder. My husband and I are very low maintenance and low key people. Before him, I was a stiletto-and -Boston-bar-hopping every weekend kinda gal. Now I surprise even myself with how much I love staying home on a Friday night with him and just watch a movie.

Wow, I’m completely sidebar-ing and getting so sappy!

ANYWAY….My point being is that being in such a healthy place really allows me to focus on what my body needs. Therefore, I was able to really customize my own training plans, do the right research, etc. I know everyone needs a little healthy stress in their lives, but I am very happy that running isn’t one of them for me. I kick my own but into high gear because I KNOW I can do a better job than what I did before! Living proof of hard work, baby!

Back in 2008-2009: The run I did last night would have easily taken me at least 1:45 to do. I plan to kick those 2009-2008 records asses on Saturday, and I cannot wait. It’s true that if you want something, work for it, and NEVER GIVE UP- you absolutely will achieve it!

Run Free, Run Strong!

(Just one if of me and the handsome SOB who allows me to be a GREAT runner!)



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