There are only four more days…

Until I’m running The Applefest Half Marathon! I really psyched to run it, and even more than that..I’m READY!
One of the coolest parts of this marathon is that it doesn’t even start until 10 am! I get to sleep in late AND then when I’m done I will get to have delicious apple crisp! I can’t think of a better reason than that to bust my a** to that finish line!

Of course, i have been thinking about what I will eat for my Last Supper.. aka-the last meal before the BIG RACE!

Yesterday, i saw the most amazing recipe on my very favorite website, Skinnytaste This is truly the BEST low fat and low calorie cooking website. I use her recipes to give me great ideas for great low cal meals still full of flavor. I highly recommend you check her out!
Anyway-she posted this yesterday and it nearly leapt off the screen and into my mouth. YUM! I adore fall meals(and fall cocktails!) and this one looks nothing short of incredible!

For the recipe click here.

Im trying Not to overdo it on miles this week. Yesterday I ran a quick 7 miles of sprints. Knowing that I have to keep my mileage down can be tough… Especially because I’m doing the full Baystate Marathon in three weeks and would love nothing more than to bust out some extra miles! πŸ™‚ I will just have to find another way to channel all this extra energy!
Have a happy day!
Run Free, Run Strong!

What do you do when you’re in tapering mode?

What do you love to eat when you’re about to do your long run?


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