Beautiful Fall and a Recap for the week 9/23/13-9/29/13

The weather this week was just gorgeous. I loved each and every day that I got to run. I think September is my favorite month in the whole world. What is better than air that is crisp and cool? Warm temperatures in the low seventies, and the humidity has finally left until next year? To me-nothing! i wish it could stay just like this year round. There are so many fun things to do outside now that the weather is so enjoyable. Even just takin a drive up a winding road is nice because you see views like this :

And in three weeks from today, I will be sitting exactly where I am right now (on my couch) resting from the amazingness of the Baystate Marathon. This marathon is not only totally flat, but it is scenic as well. The views of the trees that line the river look something like this:

Don’t be jealous. If you have never been to New England before, you must plan a trip soon. And especially while the falls here because pretty soon, we will be seeing only this:

Umm. I’m not ready for that. Nope, no way, no thank you. Keep your snow. See ya later.

Anyway, for now I’m going to pretend winter isn’t real and that fall is forever (I can dream, right?!)
Race season is upon us and its never looked more promising!

Total mileage for the week: 56.

Tuesday- was NOT in the mood to run… I was out very late and up very early. Yuck. 4 miles of sprints. I hated each and every one of those miles. Before the sprints, I did a strength workout for 45 minutes.

Wednesday- 13 miles, not too fast- I just took it easy and enjoyed the distance.

Thursday- 9 mile tempo run. I think these are my favorite runs. I love switching up the pace as I go along.

Saturday: 20 miler. It was a great, great run and I was able to run without any stiffness or pain for an average of 8:45 the entire time. I would’ve liked to have been a bit faster. I was still happy with my overall time and how great I felt afterwards. I didn’t really want to push it too hard and risk injury because I have the Applefest Half Marathon next Saturday.

Saturday night my husband and I went to a cousins night at one of his cousins house. SO MUCH FUN. I feel really lucky to have married into a family that is so awesome to be around! We were up realllly late (there was way too much catching up to do, eating amazing desserts, and drinking of delicious Sangria-we couldnt just wrap it up early!)

I wasn’t totally sure I was going to be able to run on Sunday. But I surprised myself and did….

Sunday: 10 miles at an average of a 8:17 per a mile. Great run on my tired legs!

A great running week! Next week I will do mostly 9 mile distances so that I don’t overdo it for Saturday!

Hope your week/ weekend running was as awesome as mine! Drop a comment and tell Me all about what you did!

Run Free, Run Strong!


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