There are some runs where it is tough to come up with your motivation, and some runs that you’re so full of it that you just might bust open from the good juju.

I had such a great run last night because of THIS SHIRT.
(Please acknowledge that I know selfies are lame. And that I’m no good at taking them)


Eventually I gave up and had my husband take this.

Anyway back to the run.. Maybe this sounds silly but all through my run, i kept repeating my shirt’s slogan in my head “Boston will run again…STRONGAH”
And it really pumped me up because Boston WILL run again,
than ever before.

Running through my mind was everything that has happened in the victims lives since 4/15/13. These wonderful people have literally been super charged with positivity. I have not read one story where the message is “poor me, cry for me” …even though, obviously..we do.

Instead, i have seen feats of human kindness towards the victims that i have never seen before. I mean, I know that they have their “down” times too…but the message of hope, life, love, and, most of all..NEVER GIVING UP is in the front of my mind, always.

The 2013 Boston Marathon never ceases to provide me with running inspiration. For all the evil that was caused, there is also an equal amount of goodness that came out of it. People came together on that day. Whether your neighbor ran the marathon, or maybe your son’s teachers daughter’s soccer coach: the telephone wires were buzzing with people reaching out and making sure loved ones were all okay. “Community” was not just a word, but a feeling. We should keep that feeling in our hearts. ALWAYS, not just for tragic situations-it should be in our everyday lives. Imagine how wonderful this world would be if people were constantly looking out for each other??

So, that feeling was in my heart last night, so big that it made me feel like I was filled me to the brim with hope, love and STRENGTH. It was as if all the victims and the runners who never crossed the finish line that day were running those steps right along with me, and each of us got STRONGER every footfall. ❤

That was my motivation last night..and it doesn’t get much better than that, my friends
Thanks for reading,
Nicole 🙂

Where did I get the shirt? My awesome amazing talented beautiful SIL got it in Provincetown, MA. But I also found it online, here!


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