Call the WAAAAMBULANCE.. I’m sleepy

Wow. Guess who is not 21 anymore?
And how did I discover this? Well, last night was my MIL’s bday celebration planned by my SIL and I for the three of us. We all have tough schedules to go by, so the only night that worked was Monday. And hey Monday Funday- is not so fun on Tuesday when you are dead tired because you only slept 5 hours. Its amazing how how fast I have flopped down on my couch after work. I might just stay here forever-I’m THAT tired.
I’m tryyyying to work up the motivation to do sprints. I had to take yesterday off and my mind can’t bear the thought of the TWO days off in a row.. But my body is like “whaaaaat? You wanna do sprints? Yeah ok. Good luck, let me know how ya do”
So now the question is… Can I trick myself into doing it? Maybe hop on the treadmill and my body will just “wing it”?
Look at these smiles… See why I don’t care that much that I’m super tired?
Sometimes girls just wanna have fun…

Well… Off to play trick or treat on these tired feet!


2 thoughts on “Call the WAAAAMBULANCE.. I’m sleepy

  1. I had a bachelorette party Saturday night and we were out until 3am. I thought I was going to die when I work up at 11am on Sunday. I feel this way when my friends want to go out dancing too. When did I start feeling so old?

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